Mr Angry becomes Mr OCD

So I think I worked a lot of the anger out of my system with the anti-nazi video.  The trouble is, with all the anger temporarily gone, it gave my brain the opportunity to start thinking.  And the result of this explosion of thinking is the following video.  Today’s quiz question is: How much heavily caffienated beverage did I imbibe before doing this?

The answer to the quiz question is: far too much.  The URL for the video is:



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6 responses to “Mr Angry becomes Mr OCD

  1. Valium baby….or xanex. 😀

  2. prozac, some sex or a cold shower.

    Or all three!

    Russian criminalist hackers.

  3. What’s up with the toy dog on your shoulder Mr Angry? Are you becoming Mr Lovey?

  4. I’m going with the sex suggestion. As the answer to pretty much anything. And I tend to put a fluffy toy in the background of my vids – this one was such a close up the dog had to be on my shoulder to get a look in.

    I have no good reason for putting fluffy toys in my videos.

  5. not hellboy anymore

    wooooooaaaa, im jus thinking! tell you the results later!

  6. I’ve got your first $10 right here. Unless it involves herbal love medication, because that nice guy from the email already has sent me some. Should get here any day now.

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