Mr Angry is Decimated

Another of my older posts converted to a video (so you’re not missing out OK Maliha? You would have read this one before.) Sometimes I find life is easier if I get angry over the little things rather than the big things. This video also features the making of another new t-shirt.

And remember, I’m not pedantic – I’m right.



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8 responses to “Mr Angry is Decimated

  1. Mr Angry….stand up comic and designer of t-shirts. I have an idea for another one…

  2. Well, don’t keep me in suspense Sandra, what is it? It’s the weekend after all, I might have time to create it.

  3. Salaamat,
    you are too cute:) i am good for real, if i ever have a moment at home, of peace, I will get online to watch your videos…but the likelihood of that is really slim…will try though.

  4. Salamaat, I promise I’ll send you a DVD if I get around to making any.

  5. keep going – they are getting better and better

  6. Thanks Howard, they getting to be more fun to do as well.

  7. How about “don’t worry about walking in the rain to get to your car, you won’t MELT”???

    The correct word is DISSOLVE.

    I have known about DECIMATED since grade school, but enjoyed your performance, as usual. The crazy voice of rationally insane sobriety, you are chap.

    Tee shirt ideas:

    “I’m a blogger, therefore I will flame you in my next post.”


    “I blog, therefore you are not.”


    “Blog until your head falls off and utters obscenities about my ex-boss”

  8. Everyone’s been too influenced by the wizard of oz! Thanks for the kind words.

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