Video Sunday

‘ve been out and about today making a video postcard of Melbourne so I haven’t had time to do a very long written blog post essentially, this is it.  But I do have a few videos for you.

The first one was done in response to the news about the terrorist plot that was thwarted by British police.   After seeing some of the coverage I was pissed off not just at the dickheads who think murder somehow makes them more holy but also at what seems like some really stupid responses to “security” at airports.

I actually did two versions of this because when I finished the first one I thought it was a bit flat and even depressing.  Fortunately, Sandra was online at the time and after a few emails back and forth I had the inspiration to fix it up.  And special thanks to Sandra for making me spurt drink out my nose with the joke: “Take away liquids at the airport and they’ll still find a way, they’ll insert it beforehand mixed with Preparation H.  Now that would be an explosive bowel movement.”

The URL for this video is – if you’re really interested you can check out the original version on YouTube as well.

This next one is a video postcard.  Not angry at all really.  It’s a shout out to the haters who think that saying I don’t have a life will actually upset me.  I suppose everyone else might be interested in seeing a little bit of Melbourne and who knows, you might get a bit more insight into my life.  And you get to see outside the room I usually shoot videos in.

The URL for this video is

Don’t forget to let me know if you want to see the Japanese country and western busker.



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3 responses to “Video Sunday

  1. I liked the views from the city, it’s fun to see. I like your appartment building, that is quite high for it, though I prefer parks and stuff for my doggie.

    I want to see the Japanese country and western busker, whatever that is.

  2. Ooooooooooooooo – sorry about the nose irrigation – that hurts.

    I love Melborne! The cake shops put me in mind of the rum cakes in the Bahamas. They are so good. Hell I could feel myself gaining weight as I watched!

    You live 47 floors up? I was going to suggest that I come for a visit, but honey, I don’t even like being this tall. I have a terrible fear of heights.

    I admire your courage going out in your mask and t-shirts! I bet they thought you were an escapee from the funny farm.

  3. Range: everyone on YouTube wants the busker and more Melbourne too, so I have some more editing to do tonight.

    Sandra: Truth be told I live on the ground floor of a totally different building. That’s a friends place I pretended was mine in order to make the YT haters choke on their own bile 😀

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