Japanese Country and Western Busker in Melbourne

So here’s the Japanese busker I saw on the weekend while I was shooting my Melbourne video postcards. He doesn’t do thing by half measures – cowboy hat, slide guitar and southern US accent when he sings. He even throws in some bars of “Waltzing Matilda” for the local audience.

I had a flyer from this guy so I could tell you a bit about him but I lost it. Never fear, YouTube to the rescue. This guy is all over YouTube, his name is George Kamikawa (apparently). If you follow the URL this video on YouTube you can find more videos of him (if that seems like a good idea to you) all shot at basically the same spot but he’s doing a few different songs. On of the other YTers calls him a Blues Busker – maybe that’s more accurate. The URL is:




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6 responses to “Japanese Country and Western Busker in Melbourne

  1. dragonlady474

    LOL…my husband teaches music at the college I attend. I’ll have to show this to him.

  2. Need to bring him to Billy Bob’s Texas. 😀

  3. dlady: something to inspire the students: there are no limits

    Sandra: he’s just a goold old boy!

  4. Yeah, I’m thinking of interviewing him. He’s really popular on YouTube, I think he’d make a good subject.

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