Can you get jet lagged on a 40 minute flight?

Ohhhhh. I’m too screwed up at the moment to work up much of a head of anger. I had to fly to Canberra and back today, it’s only 40 minutes each way but it wasn’t a flight for the easily scared. There was turbulence. Not really bad turbulence but enough to bring home the message that you are defying the laws of nature, yea verily the will of god, as you hurtle through the sky in a tin tube.

You don’t have to be overly paranoid to start questioning the wisdom of flying as the plane shakes and shudders around you.

So no quality writing for you here today. Instead I point you to some other quality writing. I’m a big fan of everyone in my blogroll but I want to specifically mention a few people who are writing some quality fiction on their blogs. I’ve had the intention for quite a while to use a blog as a platform for fiction (not this one – I was thinking of a fictional MySpace persona) but the Mr Angry blog and videos have sorta taken over my life right now.

Curse this need I have for material things like food and clothing. If I didn’t need these thing I could quit my day job and blog full time. Ah well. Without further ado, I present the following links for your reading pleasure:

Tom has a time travel story that’s bound to mess with your brain: Time Zone – a time travel exploration.

Range has a SF story speculating on a transhuman future: Galactic Rim

And for a change of pace try Maliha’s story collection that she has recently renamed Soulful Fiction.

That’s enough to keep you reading for a few days and thinking for long after that.



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3 responses to “Can you get jet lagged on a 40 minute flight?

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. Been busy myself too with my life. I wouldn’t mind blogging full time too, it’s fun.

  2. you rock Mr. Angry:) nuff said.

  3. What can I say guys? When I’m stuck for inspiration I look to my blog buddies.

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