More evidence of the Apocalypse

Well, I’m off to Canberra today for a business trip. For those who don’t know Australian geography, it’s like going from somewhere you like to… somewhere really shit. This means my daily post will be later than usual but I leave you with this video I made last night. I’m in a bit of an Armageddon mood at the moment, here’s more evidence:

The URL for this video is



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6 responses to “More evidence of the Apocalypse

  1. dragonlady474

    Boy oh boy do I know what you mean about small talk. I dedicated a whole post some time ago (“I don’t want to hear it”) to people telling me intimate details of their lives. I used to ride the bus to work and you just wouldn’t believe some of the things complete strangers told me about their lives.

  2. Yeah, smalltalk sucks. I just don’t talk to people I don’t want to have a conversation with, unless I don’t have a choice that is.

  3. dragonlady: sadly, I’d believe it all too easily

    Range: yeah, some people are hard to avoid.

  4. Texans are the masters of small talk. You can find out a person’s most bothersome problem in the grocery store check out lane. I have yet to say fuck you in the neck with a grocery cart, but I’ve been sorely tempted.

    And I predict this. The END IS NEAR! 44 years maximum. For me anyhow. That would make me 103/ my grandmothers age when I die. Don’t know about the rest of you. 😀

  5. Howard: and it’s surprising how often the two go together

    SAndra: nice to have a timeline 🙂

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