How to make yourself angry

Most of the time, my posts on this blog are detailing how the rest of the world pisses me off. Sometimes, however, I have to admit I’m my own worst enemy. Like last night for instance. It being Saturday I decided I had no need to rush with my daily blog post. I wrote half of it in the afternoon and saved it as a draft. I had agreed to babysit on Saturday night and my plan was to finish the post after the little ones had gone to bed.

The slight twist to the plan was that I wasn’t babysitting in my own place. I didn’t think this would be an issues as there was a computer and internet connection where I was babysitting. But not my computer. On my computer, I have saved my login details on both Blogger and WordPress so I don’t have to enter my user name and password each time I go to the sites. Which means I don’t have to remember what they are.

Which mean, when push came to shove I couldn’t remember what they were. If I could have gone home this wouldn’t have been an issue but of course I couldn’t go home because I was looking after sleeping children (all the same I seriously considered it.) For a full hour I was agonising over all my usual permutations for user names and passwords. I do have some “standard” combinations but I decided a while ago it was unwise to use the same combinations for all my web services. All it would take is one slip on my part or one malicious employee at one of the services to unravel my whole world.

Pat on the back for me: I have good security protocols.

Kick in the nuts for me: I should have some way of remembering the dozen or so logins I have.

Well obviously the story had a happy ending, I got my daily update posted and maintained my record of not missing a day since the start of the blog. Right when I was about to give up I remembered I had started using Blogger before I started the Mr Angry blog and the user name related to that first, short-lived blog, not Mr Angry.

You might think I’m angry most of the time, but if anybody in the street made me as angry as I made myself last night, I’d kick their fucking teeth in.



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9 responses to “How to make yourself angry

  1. Paul Brown

    I sympathise, believe me; in the last few years I’ve been a bit of an e-gypsy, moving ISP’s every three to six months as I moved house, found cheaper deals, upgraded to broadband, moved again etc, etc. As a result I have services that I registered with using e-mail addresses that I no longer use. This has two hilarious effects; 1) I can’t remember which of my old e-mail addresses logs me in 2) they can’t send me my fucking login details because the fucking e-mail address doesn’t fucking exist any fucking more. In the case of Paypal this was absolutely fatal becuase I couldn’t create a new account because my credit card was “already registered to another account” and, for very sensible security reasons, they couldn’t tell me the e-mail address of the fucking account it was registered to, so I had to try them all, with all of the various passwords that I use, to try and delete the old account.

    Fortunately I learned my lesson from this and now use a hotmail address as my login e-mail address for pretty much everything. This has the additional benefit that the hotmail account gets all the spam shit instead of the one that I actually use.

  2. I know what you mean. I’ve tried using Google Browser Sync, but that makes the login so slow, depending on you cache. I have actually stopped using the email from my ISP this year, because I changed providers and use exclusively hotmail and gmail. I like gmail a lot better to tell the truth.

  3. Yeah, I should be way more organised than I am. Some sort of code written in a notebook perhaps.

  4. Okay, I’m not so good in the memory department, seriuosly I suck. But (forgive me, coz this isn’t exactly security-wise), I have a little pink box in my room filled with little bits of paper, with usernames and passwords and stuff, so i always, always remember… 🙂 So yeah. Don’t do that, coz if your girlfriend or your kids find ur box, ur screwed. 🙂

  5. Dear Mr Angry – the thought of you babysitting ruins my image of the angry rough man! See what yo uhave done? 😉

    Cheers and have a fantastic week ahead

  6. happychick: my girlfriend get free reighn but I do need to keep an eye out for my kids. I have to keep sending them away from the PC when I’m writing anything higher than PG level (i.e. 90% of this blog) I found out recently my 8yo had been shoulder surfing me for the URL of this blog and was checking out my blog while at school. How quick do you think she’d get expelled if a teacher saw what she was reading?

    Dr Nazli: I get all my meanness out on the blog. In real life I’m a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) In fact, I’m Australia’s original SNAG. The term was coined by American singer/songwriter Christine Lavin and she called me that on her first Australian tour!

  7. I knew you were a snag when you I found out you go to the grocery store….I BET with your g/friend.

  8. WebGirlie

    g/friend? Is that some kind of new google service I should be aware of?

  9. Sandra: you saw through my cunning discuise!

    Webgirlie: you may be right, they could be re-launching Orkut.

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