Angry Public Service Announcements

So here’s the next stage in my plan to be professionally angry.  The inspiration for this comes from Dragonlady and Sandra telling me to video myself pranking my friend who did the annoying call six times without leaving a message.  Then I thought of Revver’s promise to deliver videos to mobile platforms and pay the creators.  I combined the two and came up with this.

These Public Service Announcements are made to educate idiots who can’t use mobile phones properly.  Send these to morons (anonymously if you like) to give them the idea of what they’re doing wrong.

This first one is for the repeat callers with no messages.  This is the family-friendly version.

Here’s the Revver URL for this PSA

Send it around and make me rich.

Here’s the potty-mouth version of the same PSA – to let people know when you’re really pissed off.

Here’s the Revver URL:

This PSA is aimed at those loudmouth idiots who have conversations on their mobile phone in public places at the top of their lungs.  Send them this message and let them know you want them to shut the fuck up.

Revver URL:

The fourth in this series of PSAs is for people who leave their mobile at their desk when they go somewhere.  Then the rest of us have the constant annoyance of their phone ringing and not being answered.  Send them this message to let them know how you feel.

Here’s the Revver URL:

Make me rich.  Or I’ll come looking for you.



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10 responses to “Angry Public Service Announcements

  1. LMAO!! those are great!!! Especially annoying are the phones that have disgusting ring tones. Music (if you can call it that) that makes you want to barf. I would personally like to drown those in the toilet! Maybe I’ll send vlog #4 to those folks. 😀

  2. WebGirlie

    As a person who has got the first mobile roughly half a year ago, I feel with you. However I find it far more annoying if a person who you talk to, suddenly interrupts the conversation to answer a SMS. I mean, it is the POINT of written messages that you don’t have to write back immedeatly.

    May their fingernails rot and their mobiles discharge!

  3. Sandra: good idea, I might do another one, about 3 seconds long: HEY LOSER, YOUR RINGTONE SUCKS!

    Webgirlie: you are absolutely right, a point I addressed in my recently published “Rules for mobile phones”

  4. WebGirlie

    Got a link? I didn’t make it through the rest of your babbling yet. (-;

  5. Oh geez, you want me to work now? OK it’s at
    it was part of my series where I decided I had to tell the world how to run their lives. Because, you know, people are incapable of behaving in ways I can tolerate without my help.

  6. poor baby you know you love it.

  7. Most of the time my mobile is either off or on vibrate. I rarely use it anymore and use Skype for longdistance. Loved the PSA’s.

  8. dragonlady474

    YEAH! Tell’em about it!
    You should also address people who drive and talk on cell phones. My daughter’s friend got killed by someone reaching down to answer their cell phone. It was a friggin’ tragedy. They buried her in the prom dress she had just purchased a few weeks earlier.

  9. Sandra: I suffer for my readers

    Range: that’s a sensible approach

    dragonlady: That is tragic and it happens way too often

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