Insomnia-induced video madness

Some more videos for you today, a few things I was doing last night when I should have been sleeping. A little note as I post this (that will quickly become redundant) – YouTube has been having some weird problems for the last 24 hours or so. These videos may not work when you try them but they will eventually. Anyone who works in IT and knows YouTube have been performing “upgrades” will not be surprised there are problems. It seems every time you make changes to a major system to “improve” things you introduce a whole slew of problems that didn’t exist before. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out soon.

This first one is a performance of one of my very early posts, all about how I’m going to open a restaurant called “No More Green Crap”:

Here’s the Revver URL for this video. Circulate it and make me rich! Ka-Ching! I’ve already made $3.45 and this is real US dollars – that makes me one of the highest paid entertainers in Australia!

This next one, to be honest is pretty fucked up. I kill a bunny and drink its blood. Consider yourself fairly warned – don’t blame me if you watch it and end up permanently traumatised.

This is a YouTube specific video so it isn’t on Revver. The issue about the screwed up way YouTube picks feature videos actually does piss me off quite a bit. This is important to a shallow attention whore like me because being featured means your video will be watched hundreds of thousands of times even if it sucks. Here’s the YouTube URL if you want to share it around:

Anyone who has read the comments on my previous post will know the other big video news. Howard is interested in featuring Mr Angry videos on one of his ventures, The Blogging Times. That’s right my blogrollers are not just beautiful, intelligent and talented, they are also bona fide goddam moguls! Next wave new media moguls anyway. Stay tuned for news of how this pans out.



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5 responses to “Insomnia-induced video madness

  1. Those videos are too funny! I frankly think you can also get rich selling the t-shirts. You can advertise them on revver and get rich two ways. 😀

  2. Pretty funny, the bunnies make me think of Watership Down and Bright Eyes by Garfunkel.

  3. Sandra: the t-shirts could be good, sell merch alongside the vids

    Range: maybe I should have used that song as background music

  4. MicDundee

    your a fucking tool, which part of australia are you from, Im from brisbane and you sound like a fucking yank trying to be australian.

    rack off wanker get a job

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no self-respecting Australian would use the alias Mic Dundee. But of course you have a right to criticise me because you have done so much better. Oh wait, you’ve never produced anything worthwhile but just spend your time trying to criticise people who are actually doing something? There’s a shocker – another bitching loser who’s never done anything and will never amount to anything.

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