Help! They’ve stolen my creativity!

Anyone who’s read this blog for a while will know that I’ve got a fairly liberal attitude towards content linking and re-use AND I’ve had some complete scumbag straight up steal my work and provide no credit back. The scumbags in question particularly pissed me off because they reproduced one of my posts in total, didn’t even suggest it wasn’t theirs and had a site full of ads. In other words, they were making money off my work and offering me nothing in return, not even a tip of the hat.

At the end of the day, I don’t think it’s worth losing too much sleep over the sort of prick who would do this. At this point in time, my biggest concern is getting my work seen. If someone manages to popularise my work while making it clear that it’s my work I’ll be happy even if they make money off it and don’t share it with me. If they’re better at publicity than me, that’s how they’re paying me. If they try and pretend my work is theirs (and therefore don’t give me publicity) I’ll be pissed off but it’s still relatively easy to prove it’s my work if they make it popular – after all they can’t steal it until after I publish it.

This video put forward my case that people who are getting really uptight about (for example) their Flickr photos being used on other people’s websites should calm the fuck down:

Of course you should feel free to distribute this video far and wide if you so choose. Here’s the Revver URL: 



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9 responses to “Help! They’ve stolen my creativity!

  1. my comments are not staying put – i hit the submit button and most everywhere they disappear. this is a test. in case of an actual emergency……

  2. It happens all the time, happened to me as well. Splogs, spam blogs are very common. Sometimes they even link back to your blog and post excerpts of your post on theirs. It sucks, but it’s a way of life.

  3. Sandra: you got caught in my anti spam filter, I have no idea why. I’ve marked you not spam but you need to make sure everybody else does as well. Also, run some anti-spyware on your pc to make sure spam isnt comin from your ip address

    Range: yeah, I don’t mind splogs as long as they link back to me – it all counts for technorati listings.

  4. Yep, excellent point indeed. Folks start gettin’ scared and acting like Bill Gates. There are no original ideas, just people that are better at getting them out there. It’s a win-win.

  5. Check my latest post Mr. Angry… own comments to my own post went to spam!

  6. Mr. Angry, they say imitation is the best form of flattery – but flattery doesn’t cut it without the due crerdit. It’s the basic creed in academia – to cite sources – but beyond that, it’s basic manners.

    As for those flickr photos – come on now … send them to Siberia for a reality check 😉

    hope you are very well, Down Under!
    cheers for now

  7. saly

    Now this is something to be really angry about! How have you been? It’ll take me forever to catch up on all the angry posts you’ve written while I was away. But, I promise I’ll read them all!

  8. Piglet: positive thinking makes it win-win. Paranoia just makes you sad and crazy

    Sandra: if you haven’t already, report it to wordpress support

    Nazli: I agree, citing sources shows basic respect and that’s all I ask for. I am well and I hope you are doing well too

    Saly: Welcome back! Yes, I’ve been posting like a hyperactive squirrel. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the catchup!

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