I’ve been possessed by the spirit of Barry White

Which is to say, my voice is all deep and husky on account of this fucking chest cold. On the plus side, with my voice sounding like this, I could start a new career working on a phone sex line. I can’t see it lasting though, I’d start off sounding all sexy and sultry then end up coughing up a lung.

On the plus side, I’m not really, really sick, just enough to have the life sucked out of me so I don’t feel like doing anything. And my brain is so overworked simply maintaining basic bodily functions that it has no energy lift for actual thinking. Luckily I did another video yesterday before I started to feel this way. As soon as I edit it, I’ll post it. Which might take a little while because right now I can’t concentrate on anything for long before I uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….



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7 responses to “I’ve been possessed by the spirit of Barry White

  1. I’ve been told I have a very sexy voice when I’m sick. Quite frankly, that is the one time in my life when I couldn’t give a shit less how sexy I sound.

    And coughing up a lung sounds a little sicker than what you’re making out. You sure you don’t smoke? See I think people should never be sick if they don’t smoke, but know that’s bullshit.

  2. Mr. Angry, you have my sympathy because I’m in the middle of my holidays and I also have a damned cold. For a couple of days I could barely move because of the pain in my (admittedly aging) joints. Now I don’t feel so bad, except I can’t go anywhere without a ready supply of tissues and throat lozenges. Not my best vacation… I guess it’s winter in Australia?

  3. The best bet is to get some rest, drink some OJ and some soup and take it easy.

  4. kyklops: tail end of winter, hopefully this means I’ll be fine for spring

    range: yep, had me a big bowl of home made chicken soup for dinner last night. It helps.

  5. Sandra: recovered your comment. I’m actually exaggeerating symptoms in a quest for sympathy. And I think smoker hack up a lot more crap when they get sick.

  6. Lots of fluids, some raw fruits and vegetables (preferably in a liquid form) and plenty o’ rest.

    Seriously, you can overdose yourself on the raw fruits and vegetables.

    Did you know that an apple has over 10,000 ingredients in it? (No, this is not spam or an infomercial. I’m just a weirdo that way.)

  7. Thanks piglet, I’m being looked after with some homemade chicken soup with plenty of veggies.

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