The voices tell me what to do

It’s Sunday.  I’m trying to think of what to do for my blog.  I’m feeling a little… peculiar.  Then the inevitable happens.  I switch on the video camera.

The Revver URL for this video is

And what did the voices tell me?  The told me another sign of the impending apocalypse.

Spread the Revver ad-included gospel:



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7 responses to “The voices tell me what to do

  1. Those chocolate chips look good! You’re nuts. 😀

  2. hey, where’s my chocolate pizza? (btw you’ll notice i migrated my link over to this site finally. don’t know what took so long. it dawned on me this morning that all that pink on the blogspot site just wasn’t evoking enough rage!)

  3. Chocolate potato chips sounds wretched. Shame on the government for allowing such waste of resources by commercial interests.

    I once joked about my alleged chocolate anchovie chilli, then I saw in some women’s magazine a chocolate chilli recipe.

    Society is doomed. Anarchy rules.

    It really IS the frivolous trivial drivel of society that is worse even than the crimes and war. The stupidity and meaty ochre nature of society, underachievers banding together to kill the prophets, inventors, and experimentalists.

  4. I believe those are called Swoops. I don’t remember the last time I hate any chips. I’d rather have an apple.

  5. Sandra: the chips taste good, it’s just disturbing to em that they exist

    Tom: yeah, the Blogspot pink never felt quite right

    Electrica: I think it’s one of the many things that exists to distract us from the important issues in life

    Range: I think they’re called snaps here. I have this obsession with trying new and freaky confectionary every time I see something different

  6. You know I love Mexican food, but there is sauce called mole (pronounced mole a). It is made with chili peppers, spices and unsweetened chocolate and meat is simmered in this sauce until the flavor soaks in….typically chicken. I guess I never ate it enough to develope a taste for it. In fact when I think about it my gag reflex kicks in.

  7. Salamaat,
    okay that first video was too scary! i wonder if that’s how bush does his meditation:)

    chocolate…hmmmm….me want some right now…is 8am too early for choccies?

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