Being obsessive is weird, even when you’re right

I’m starting to think all governments should be run by obsessive-compulsive hypochondriacs. We’re already dealing with a world run by people with severe personality disorders (usually of the Narcissistic sociopath variety) so I think we should simply switch the personality disorders involved. Seriously, all the major ills of the world could be fixed by OCD politicians.

We’d never go to war because they’d be freaked out by the potential consequences (as opposed to the current crop of political and religious leaders who don’t seem to even take a breath to consider the consequences.) We could stop worrying over what does and doesn’t cause cancer because they would focus on finding causes rather than protecting industries, companies and products that might be responsible. Pollution would be reduced as they obsessed over the health implications. We’d get clean energy sources because they’d pour research money into way to reduce pollution. That would get rid of oil dependence (a major source of conflict) and help reduce global warming risks as well.

But they’d still be weird.

It’s one of those things – being right doesn’t stop you from being weird. And most people would rather not listen to weird people. Attacking “problems” in an obsessive manner leads many people to think you are actually the problem. Like people who get obsessed with disinfecting every surface and constantly admonish you to constantly wash your hands, particularly when going to the toilet is involved. I have covered this topic several times (in fact I was prompted to think about it again when my very first video blog on the subject was featured on Chartreuse over the weekend) and I think I’ve established the definitive rules on the topic.

One of my favourite websites, the Snopes Urban Legends Reference Pages, has a great example of where being right doesn’t mean you aren’t weird. As a bit of background, seems to be run by people with way too much time on their hands. They actually have the time to research urban legends and see if there is any basis in fact. Sometimes it is a real surprise which stories are actually true, like this one about purses carrying germs from public toilets into the kitchen.

It turns out the freakishly obsessive person who wrote the original email message is right. But they’re still a fucking freak. Just get a grip! Why do some people have such a problem with perspective? If a few fucking bugs in your kitchen is your biggest problem, you’re doing OK. We all give ourselves food poisoning now and then. Deal with it and move on. This reminded me of one of the stories that tabloid “current affairs” TV shows regurgitate every now and then.

A couple of times a year they run some variation on a story where an “expert” runs tests on things like public transport, stair railings and door handles to show there are germs all over everything and we are picking them up whenever we touch anything. Well, duh. Whenever I see one of these freakish people obsessing over the germs that saturate every surface, I can’t help thinking they’d be a very weird sex partner.

“You want me to do what? Touch you where? Oh my god, you actually want me to put my mouth there? Do you have any idea how many germs that carries? I have no idea where it’s been!”

Or at least that’s the sort of thing I imagine.



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16 responses to “Being obsessive is weird, even when you’re right

  1. Anthony

    I feel sorry for the kids of today.

    Growing up in a bubble of over protectivness. Generation Z, or whatever they are, are going to be so fragile they’ll get sick if someone with a cold sends them an email.

    When I was a kid I used to eat dirt. Ride a bike without a helmet. Sit on my dads lap and steer the car. Sure I got sick. Sure I got hurt. But I learned that trees are solid, fire is hot, the roof is too high, all on my own!

    We’re destroying the whole theory of Survival of the Fittest. Instead it’s going to be survival of the coddled.

    Makes me angry.

  2. dragonlady474

    I practically lived outside when I was young. My Mom would have to keep calling us and when she used our middle names we knew that she’d had enough and it was time to come inside and get washed up for dinner.

  3. Mr Angry, I was naturally trying to think of something witty in agreement with you against obsessive hypochondriacs – but the fact is, I am just enjoying a great laugh reading your blog post! Having lived in NYC , commuting in subways everday, you can imagine my general reaction. Oh – I just sneezed – uh oh, these floating dusts in the air!

  4. Anthony: moderation in all things I say. Less kids with hands blown off is good, kids with no avenues for creative fun is bad.

    dragonlady: yeah, it’s sad today the perception of safety seems to take precedence over any real benefits

    Dr Nazli: actually being in crowded public transport *is* pretty gross

  5. Salamaat,
    Do you get the show Monk on your side of the pond? He really makes OCD look cool; even adorable:)

    I could use a bit of OCD in my life….looking around my merry and messy living room:)

    that last image you evoked will stay with me for a while…”You want me to do what?” hahahha…nice one Mr. Angry:)

  6. ocd is bad because you can’t stop it, it’s always ON. Other than that, I like clean but wouldn’t mind having a maid. I had test run a free maid last year, it was interesting, but I didn’t like that she had a key to come in.

  7. Salamaat Maliha, I’m a big fan of Monk. Tony Shaloub is a fine actor and that show has great scripts.

    Range: Yeah, a maid is good in concept but I have a problem with people having free run in my house

  8. I read that the anitbacterial soaps are not good for us. They prevent the need for the body to build immunity to the germs. I’m OCD I could run the world. 😀

  9. dragonlady474

    Anthony was talking about eating dirt…heh…I remember the good ol’ days of making my brother and cousin eat dirt pies that my sister and I had made. Of my sister and I making them eat grass. And of me attempting to show my brother the proper way to punch and ended up knocking his tooth out.
    Good times, good times.

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  11. Dragonlady – my kinda girl! My sister and I stole eggs from mom and made mud pies with our cousin from the city. She said they smelled good so we conned her into eating one. She threw up and we got our ass busted by mom. Not for making her eat it – but for stealing the eggs.

  12. Ah, good old eating dirt stories. I don’t know that anyone ever tricked me into eating dirt pies but I do remember eating dirt of my own volition to see what it tasted like. Not too bas as I recall.

    Sandra and Dragonlady – what a dangerous pair you would be!

  13. z

    Wow, so I should run the world??? Cool! 🙂 I´ve been diagnosed with OCD _and_ clinical hypochondria. I feel truely blessed 🙂 //z

  14. dragonlady474

    Sandra and I could RULE THE WORLD!! uhhhh or something like that.

  15. Z: you, Dragonlady and Sandra have the power!

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