Medicine is voodoo!

…Wherein I recount my misadventures with the head-hole spelunking ear specialist who traumatised me:

On the subject of videos, I’m doing my next piece for The Blogging Times in the next 24 hours.  If anyone has any suggestions for a topic I’d be glad to hear them.  Something topical about the internet generally or bloggin specifically that’s worth getting angry about.  I’m thinking about the British newspaper that stole someone’s blog post but I don’t have anything definite planned yet.

The Revver URL for this video is:



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5 responses to “Medicine is voodoo!

  1. Hate 🙂 Actually I’m planning to do it on how the Telegraph ripped off a blogger’s content then came up with a really lame excuse to cover it. I hate them for treating us like we’re stupid.

  2. Brain hurt! I like that one. How about politics or Bush.

  3. For some reason, the revver vids load a hell of a lot faster than YouTube.

  4. I can think of two reasons Revver vids would load faster (both guesses)
    1. Different file types
    2. Much lighter load on their servers (nowhere near as many users). YT has been acting like 10 kinds of crap for a couple of weeks.

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