Second vlog for The Blogging Times

Well, my second vlog for The Blogging Times went up earlier today.  In this one I take British newspaper The Daily Telegraph to task for the balls-up that resulted in them publishing blogger Claire Zulkey’s work under the name of one of their writers.  Zulkey ended up accepting the Telegraph’s explanation at face value, read her reflections on the matter here.  But as for me, I’m not so sure I believe their crap.

So now I have to spend the next few days hoping for another hot topic to pop up for next week’s post.



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6 responses to “Second vlog for The Blogging Times

  1. Mr Angry! So I have tried to upload your vlog -using different browsers. No luck – will try later!

    Meanwhile, your “Top ten tips for creating angry employees” is a gem. I ant to send it to the David Letterman Show.

    It’s Spring where you are – Autumn and overcast 9thansk to Ernesto) here and today an eldery woman barely seeing over her steering wheel cut me off during rush hour. So you see why I was looking forward to your vlog!


  2. My grandmother refused to quit driving until she was 90. When she wanted any of us to go somewhere with her we insisted on driving HER. omg it was a frightening experience.

  3. Nazli: not sure what you mean by downloading, these are Flash videos hosted on YouTube which is designed for viewing rather than downloading. The stuff I put on Revver can be downloaded though, they are QuickTime files

    Sandra: I’m not sure I get the connection 🙂

  4. WebGirlie

    Huh? Not designed for download? EVERYTHING that can be viewed with the browser can be downloaded (aka saved as a file). Sometimes it takes a little effort, though. But it’s all in your browser cache.

  5. Webgirlie: as you say, it CAN be but it isn’t necessarily designed to be. While we’re on the subject, is there a particular program you recommend for grabbing movie files/flash files and that sort of thing?

  6. WebGirlie

    No, not really. Normally I write a Perl script.

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