Memorial Day in Australia

Memorial Day is one of the US holidays that doesn’t occur in Australia but I think it’s fair to say there’s an unofficial Memorial Day in Australia.  Poor Steve Irwin.  Mr Crikey himself, the Crocodile Hunter met an untimely end in what can only be described as a freak accident.  I think he was odd-on to have a tangle with a crocodile that ended badly one day but stabbed through the heart by a stingray was unexpected.

He’s a good advertisement for living life by your passions.  Even knowing he would suffer a painful death, I doubt he would have changed anything in his life.  He’s also a pretty good advertisement for the fact that if you choose dangerous activities, you’re exposing yourself to risks that other folks don’t have to deal with and they might catch up with you one day. 

Another passing that will doubtless get less exposure is the death of Australian kids’ book author, Colin Thiele, at 85.  He was most famous for a book called “Storm Boy”.  When I was young, every Australian schoolkid had to read this book.  It was something about a boy and a pelican and gaining wisdom from an aboriginal bloke.  I honestly don’t remember the details although I read the book and saw the movie.

On a personal note, things are a bit sad on the home front right now.  My girlfriend’s cat, Furgle, met an untimely end last night – a victim of the scourge of urban cats: a passing car.  He was a very nice kitty and much too young to have this happen (about 4 years old).  A faithful companion who won’t be forgotten.

OK, I promise to post a few videos later to cheer things up.



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10 responses to “Memorial Day in Australia

  1. Good post, Mr Angry. Steve’s passing has been big in the news over here as well and is really a tragedy. He lived an exceptional life and his passion for his work really showed.

  2. goodbye Furgle – you had a fine name!

  3. Poor Steve and Fugle. 😦

  4. Andy

    So sorry about Furgle, that adventurer, that loving boy! Steve too, another passionate boy. (Loved the posting).

  5. keith

    so many sad news, sorry i gotta blow my nose , but im quite happy for the cat, i hate animals 🙂

  6. saly

    Steve’s news saddened me early in the morning. I always thought he’d be eaten by a croc!

    Sorry to hear about Furgle! I don’t like cats much but death of animals upsets me:-(

  7. Thanks everybody. Except Keith. Way to be an insensitive prick.

  8. Mr Pete

    Much sympathy.

    Steve will be much missed… Bummer about the cat.

  9. I’m really sorry to hear about Furgles death – my commiserations to you and your girlfriend. I know from experience how pets become part of the family and when they go it’s *hard*. Very hard.

    Although I’m not at all surprised by Steve’s death, it’s still sad – he was a genuinely nice guy. Slightly mad, but nice.

    I know I don’t need to tell you, but ignore arseholes like Keith, he’s just a random passer-by making a shite comment.

    RIP Furgle and Steve.

  10. Thanks Pete.

    Paul: thanks for the response. Sadly, Keith is actually a regular (recently changed his username) and I thought he might have known better.

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