Smelling like a tart’s hankie – the video version

As promised, to cheer things up, here’s a video version of the post I did the other day inspired by the Sean Connery line referring to smelling like a tart’s hankie.

The Revver URL for this video is:

Go click on it and make me rich!



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7 responses to “Smelling like a tart’s hankie – the video version

  1. saly

    Something is wrong here! I can’t see any of your vblogs since I returned! A blank box appears in place of the video shot and I can’t even access the links. I’ll try and fix it at my end if my machine is faulty.

  2. I had a problem with wordpress a while back. All my comments were going to spam – on mine and other people posts. I e-mailed akismit and it was fixed within minutes. You may try that saly.

  3. btw – great as usual Mr. Angry.

  4. saly

    Thanks, Sandra! My comments were going into spam as well! I have emailed them. Hope it works.

    Mr. Angry, I somehow managed to see this vblog through the link you had provided and I must say I’m very impressed with your work! Its hilarious and very well shot. I don’t think anyone could do a better job than you with comic vlogs!

    PS BTW, I actually got sprayed in my eye once;-) Oh, come on! I mean by the air freshner!

  5. Thanks, glad you liked it and glad you were able to see it Saly. Sounds like some issues with your machine – they’re simple Flash files when I embed them on the page, is Flash installed on your machine?

  6. Jarrod

    Ever been told you remind a person of Norman Gunston?

  7. Jarrod: it has been said before, yes 🙂

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