In defence of having an Angry Blog

I still get people thinking I’m too angry or who simply don’t understand the reason for my anger.  This is a video version of one of my early posts explaining why I think anger is a good thing.

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8 responses to “In defence of having an Angry Blog

  1. Jason

    You’re right Mr. Angry, it is kind of neat/relieving seeing someone have out bursts of targeted anger from time to time; I also like the different toys in the background for each video blog.

  2. Scott

    what the fuck is wrong with you man, i wouldnt normally do this but..
    you bitch about pedestrians telling them to grow a brain and whatever, and you think your some how superior to these people becouse you put shitty makeup on your face and bitch about them on the internet

    ps the speedbump comment was rather funny 😛
    aside form that youve made an (dont check it, it doesnt exist, well not by me anyway)

  3. Jarrod

    It’s a mask, you idiot.

  4. Jarrod

    “Fuck you in the neck with a butterknife.”

    I’m stealin’ that.

  5. Jarrod – the first 3 times you use it (fuck you in the neck with a……) you must give credit to the Bastard Clan. 😀

    It is a phrase invented by my youngest son, the Bastard Jr. about 15 years ago. The phrase is now widely used.

  6. Jason: glad you’re enjoying them. And you noticed the toy thing! I have no idea why I started doing that but my kids have so many damn toys I just keep swapping them around.

  7. Scott: I have trouble believing you wouldn’t normally do this. I did actually say I respect pedestrian’s rights generally, I just don’t like stupid suicidal people. Plus it’s a joke. Plus, as Jarros says, it’s a mask. Cheers to you for missing the point several times.

    Jarrod: I did a whole video tribute to the bastard clan for inventing the phrase 🙂 Check my back catalogue to find it.

  8. Mr. Angry, Happychick and Keith have used it so often that they no longer have to give credit – anyway they are adopted bastard clan family. 😀

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