Pedestrians who make me angry

Here’s another of the videos I did on the weekend – a “performance” of one of my older posts about suicidal pedestrians who jump right into traffic.  I’ll be doing a longer post later to accompany my latest piece for The Blogging Times but I don’t have the free time to do it now I normally have (my lunch hour) because I’m moving desks at work today.  So enjoy this for now and more to come later.

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6 responses to “Pedestrians who make me angry

  1. I agree with you 100%. My friend Jason, consequently the same Jason who writes in your comment section, introduced me to the Angry Man on YouTube. Two words for you mate: Fucking Hilarious.

    I live in the States and even here, everything you say happens here too. Keep the “Angry Fever” alive.


  2. Hahaha “Speed bumps.” A lot of the time I think it’s just people who’ve had a bad day and don’t care who they inconvenience. A bit like some bus drivers, that are always angry; They have had a bad day and want to make yours just as bad.

  3. Jason: you may well be right! I specialise in blowing small things out of proportion – a distraction technique because the big things are often too goddam scary to deal with.

  4. Hiya Mouse, for some reason Akismet flagged you as spam which is why your comments weren’t appearing. I’m unflagged you so hopefully that won’t happen again. Glad your having fun!

  5. Here in Japan we have the dreaded “obasan” to contend with. These are older women, walking or on bicycles, who seem completely unaware that cars even exist. They move around as if the world is their living room, paying no heed to safety rules or common sense. As a species they are completely unpredictable, and are therefore the most dangerous creature known to drivers in Japan. (In Japan it doesn’t matter if someone jumps from a bridge into the path of your car–you hit them, you pay.)

  6. I love the names Japanese have for groups of people and/or sub-cultures. I know I’d be an otaku if I lived there.

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