Mr Angry’s first live performance

Next week I take the first step in one of the pledges I made in my 200th post – I am making my first attempt at performing live stand-up as Mr Angry.  This will be at an open mic night in a Melbourne club and hopefully I’ll be able to video it so I can put it up here. 

So I’m looking for a little help from my readers: of all the stuff I’ve posted, what do you think would work best as a stand-up routine?  I’m thinking at the moment that I’ll do some of the “toilet rules” material – toilet humour is fairly universal.  Barring some disaster, I plan to keep working on this, probably at least once a week until I decide whether or not there’s a future in it.  So even if I don’t do your favourite material at first it might get a run further down the line.

If anyone is actually interested in going, let me know via comments (identify yourself with your email and/or blog so I can reach you) and I’ll tell you the time and the venue.  Given some rather aggressive hater attitude I’ve been getting lately (mostly on YouTube) I’m a little reticent to publicise my whereabouts too openly.  Particularly not on my first outing when I’ll be nervous enough.  But if I get a chance to stack the audience in my favour I’ll definitely take it.



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11 responses to “Mr Angry’s first live performance

  1. cool angry. It is tough for sure, but have no less than 6 fast drinks. serious.

    The first joke or story must be perfect – the rest can suck. the last should be perfect.

    Only two things need to be perfect.

    6 drinks for 2 jokes – you can handle that.

    If it gets tough – just get mean

  2. I wish I could come, unfortunatly I’m in New Zealand.

    My favourite would have to have been either the “Angry Book Review” or “Mr. Angry Hates Hippies too,” they were pure comedy gold.

  3. saly

    I’m so looking forward to the video. Good luck!

    Have you thought about ‘live, online’ performance for your blog viewers?

  4. Howard: I can do mean.

    Jason: you can always watch the video. I’ll include NZ on my world tour!

    Saly: do you mean like a webcast/ What technology would you recommend?

  5. saly

    I guess all you’ll need would be a webcam and an account with free webcast hosting sites. I have attended a couple of online conferences and lectures, and it works well. We were able to type questions which were received in real time and answered by the presenters. I think it would be lots of fun if we could see you perform live and interact with you during your performance.

  6. Saly, that’s a brilliant idea.

    “Jason: you can always watch the video. I’ll include NZ on my world tour!”

    I look forward to seeing the video; I know you’ll do great! 🙂

  7. OMG I am so excited for you! Toilet humor is good – just don’t fart. 😀

    I love the grocery store stuff. I’ll review the old stuff later today and let you know my other favs.

  8. Saly: I’ll look into it – maybe I can get a sponsor 🙂

    Jason: keep watching, at worst you can watch me go down in a screaming heaps which would be funny in itself

    Sandra: yeah, the grocery stuff would work too. I’ll probably do quite a bit over the coming months.

  9. WOW! Congrats! OMG lemme know how it goes, my sister lives in melbourne but i doubt she’d go… we dont talk much see.

    Anyway, i think you should do your office humour, the bit where you talked about how happy chirpy attitudes are a pain the arse when you encounter them at the wrong time. and about training ppl and stuff.

    that’s pretty relateable.

    I could give you my experiences of working in an IT firm…. finally working with women and they still suck ass.

    ALL THE BEST MR ANGRY WOOOOT! (um, i’m not 17…)

  10. Cell phones ringing. People picking up voice mail with the speaker phone. Bad ring tones.

  11. Maryam: don’t apologise, I’ll take all the WOOOTs I can get 🙂

    Sandra: those are good ones too, I’ll be trying all of these suggestions over the coming months.

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