Post four for The Blogging Times

Here’s my fourth video done for The Blogging Times.  In this piece I look at evidence that the “bubble” around Web 2.0 is growing.  The main evidence that people may be making the same mistakes that were made in the first dot-com boom is when really stupid ideas start getting money.  An even clearer indication is when an idea that has already failed once re-appears, especially when it makes less sense now than it did the first time.  Like the culprit in this video…

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3 responses to “Post four for The Blogging Times

  1. Heh, I was going to post on the very same ad. When I’m bored I type in “go fuck yourself” and click repeatedly until I start to giggle at the stupididty of it all (and I’m not even stoned!). In terms of usefulness it’s right up there with looking up ‘dirty’ words in the dictionary and Googling your own name–all things I do on a regular basis, by the way, but as I’m doing them I know what A lazy, skiving wanker I am…

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA It does seem like VERY silly thing to waste bandwidth on. I’d far sooner type, than be cruel enough to subject anyone that came to my site to that.

  3. kyklops: I have to admit, making it swear was a guilty pleasure for me, I like making them go porn star

    Jason: yeah, it’s a weird idea, there a better things that are also cheaper.

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