How to make me really angry

It might be hard to be sure when I’m serious about being angry and when I’m joking, but here are a few sure fire ways to make me truly angry.

Tell me what my opinion is. By all means, tell me what my words suggested to you and how you interpreted them but don’t tell what I think. I’m one of those wacky people who form their own opinions rather than accepting what other people impose on me.

Spurt forth a series of incomprehensible, unconnected brain farts and declare that this gibberish proves you are right. I don’t think this one needs any further explanation.

Declare that the particular form of oppression you want to inflict on the world should be allowed because otherwise you’re being oppressed. This is the most morally and intellectually bankrupt argument imaginable and yet some morons seem to think it makes sense. “You preach tolerance but you want to get rid of nazis – how do you justify that?” Really fucking easily actually.

Can anyone tell I’ve been dealing with the nazis on YouTube again?

Link to first bunch of idiotic nazi comments

Link to second bunch of idiotic nazi comments

The above links are not suitable for those with an aversion to extreme profanity (usually on my part) nor for those who don’t want to get depressed by how low humanity can actually sink.



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9 responses to “How to make me really angry

  1. ‘Declare that the particular form of oppression you want to inflict on the world should be allowed because otherwise you’re being oppressed.’

    OMG I deal with this one every day at work. To them – fuck you in the neck with a hatchet!

  2. wow, mr angry, is it worth countering their idiocy?

  3. Hahaha, First of all I just want to say: Nice Work!!

    Reading over the first link you’d think it was staged, they’re so painfully stupid that the moment you make a point, they seem to prove you right.

    This doesn’t come as a surprise though when these morons would literally rather have half a brain than be considered homosexual. It would seem that the VERY best they can come up with is misspelled attempts at name calling.

    Maryam: wow, mr angry, is it worth countering their idiocy?

    The comedic value in some of this is priceless!

  4. saly

    Oh noooooooo! YouTube is blocked here! I’m missing on all the reasons for your anger and of course the profanity:-)

    “Brain farts”! I love teh term:-)

  5. Paul Brown

    I love to join in with the fun as much as anyone but, I have to admit, I’m impressed at your dedication to replying; I’d have given up long ago, or at least installed a Racist Moron Reply Bot:

    switch (MoronComment)
    case: “you are gay”:
    case “you are a Jew”:
    return “Not gay. Not Jewish. Not bothered by being called gay or Jewish. Try again, loser.”;

    case “What’s wrong with your face?”:
    case “You hide behind a mask”:
    return “It’s a mask. It’s a character. Try reading some books or attending a school for a while or get a grown up to explain it to you.”;

    case “Hating Nazis is being racist”:
    return “Discriminating on the grounds of race is racist. The clue is in the name, fuckwit. Nazis aren’t a race, they’re a bunch of sad little losers who hold the same pathetic opinions based mainly on a worship of an unfortunate result of economic conditions in Germany in the 20’s and 30’s coupled with historical tension between Christians and Jews. The rest of the world has moved on by eighty years. Try to keep up.”;

    case “When we’re in charge…”:
    return “Last time you were in charge it didn’t work out too well for you. Please see Rudolph Hess / Spandau Prison for details.”;

    return “Crawl back under your rock and learn to spell properly you annoying little Cro-magnon fuckwit.”;

    Now you can devote more of your time to being angry about PowerPoint 😉

  6. keith

    nice job, i always wondered how i can make you really angry, gimme some time, i promise you to drive you really nuts

  7. I have to admit, the only way I can deal it it is to take great enjoyment from their antics. It’s fun to expose how stupid they are, plus then I tell them I want them to keep doing it so they give up because I like it. I also think it’s important people realise these vermin are out there, you can’t drop your guard.

  8. what really pissed me off this weekend – some guy angrily lecturing ME about HIS personal problems. as if i give a fuck.

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