March of the Penguins

It feels like a while since I’ve really gone off about something that’s utterly inconsequential but today’s the day.  I am sitting at my desk freezing my fucking arse off right now because the office air conditioning is completely screwed.  What is it with office air conditioning?  It never seems to be right, it’s either too hot or too cold.

Everybody else here seems more sensitive to it than me and they complain about it more than me but today I am actually shivering from the cold.  Now, a certain someone in my life might start to think that some of this is self-inflicted.  One of my more unusual habits is to enjoy my favourite caffeinated beverage in a large glass full of ice.  Even in the middle of winter.  On more than one occasion she has noticed me shivering while downing said concoction which is more ice than drink.

“Are you shivering?”

“Ummmm, yes.”

“Is it because of that drink full of ice?”

“Ummmm, yes.”

“Then why don’t you stop adding so much ice to it?”

“Ummmm, because I like it this way.”

I know it’s dumb.  But I don’t smoke (ever) or drink alcohol (usually) so I feel like I need one really dumb habit.  And besides, that isn’t the issue at work.  There’s no freezer here (curses!) so I don’t get to enjoy my drink with ice.  It’s just the goddam blasts of arctic air coming out of the vent above my head.  I’m starting to think the building administrator went and saw that documentary “March of the Penguins” and is trying to recreate the mood here. 

So I’m sitting inside AND wearing a jacket and I’m still fucking freezing.  I think I maybe need to visit some right-wing political blogs.  Or deal with the nazi comments on YouTube.  I’ll use the boiling of my blood to keep warm.



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2 responses to “March of the Penguins

  1. Freezing your ass of at work is miserable. Everyone needs to close their vent and channel it to someone who has the power to get the fucker fixed. If it pisses them off….fuck them in the neck with an ice cube.

  2. Yeah, we kicked and screamed til it got fixed. It’s better today. Hmmm, the movie I stole the title of is really “family friendly” and promoted by consrvatives… I wonder if any of them will end up here from a search engine and get a nasty shock?

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