The Angry News – because everyone else is lying to you

I’ve decided to provide a new service to my video viewers – The Angry News. Because you can’t trust media outlets, I’m going to bring you the truth behind the stories of the day. This format is the product of a number of suggestions from YouTube viewers and blog readers. I’m going to try and do a one-minute story every day – I have a tendency to go on for longer than that usually.

I’ve had a suggestion this format might be useful for another website so I thought I’d practice – it might open up new opportunities. I’ll let you know more than mysterious hints when I know something for sure.

This first edition of The Angry News answers the big news question of the day: is Osama dead?

If you want to make me rich (or just see the video in a better quality QuickTime file) follow this link to the video on Revver:



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5 responses to “The Angry News – because everyone else is lying to you

  1. Salamaat,
    yeah, my guess is they are waiting for the right time to pull him out of a hole (saddam style) and with flourish display their dazzling courage to the world.

    Except they’ll try to gloss over the fact that thousands of innocent lives had to be sacrificed for that symbolic moment to occur.

    Man, nothing like a post about the current administration to make make me forget about kindness and all that sappy stuff :p

  2. Salamaat Maliha, You need to focus on the positive during your campaign for kindness, let me do the negative 🙂

  3. Hmmmm, I’m torn. This is a stupid teaser comment for what is indeed a stupid site (NOT a blog despite being made on Blogger). I’m not sure whether or not to delete the comment.

  4. Rick - a 'merican'

    My thought: Burn the bastard. Let them get their free ride elsewhere. But, that’s more a reaction than a thought now I actually think about it.

  5. Yeah, fuck it they’re gone.

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