To Pod or not to Pod?

Not much time for an intro… let’s just say that Apple computer is run by power-mad, hypocritical wankers.

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4 responses to “To Pod or not to Pod?

  1. bigstarlet

    And that’s why I don’t have an Ipod. 🙂

  2. Me too! I’m a complete gadget freak but I don’t have one of them. Don’t even get me started on the evil of the controls they place on itunes.

  3. They’re both evil empires. The only difference is their products. It just happens to be that most of the time Apple comes out with a better product or has a better Ad campaign or a better looking product. The iPod’s functionality doesn’t really matter that much because it is so god-damn sexy. On the other hand the iTunes store gives your songs a DRM which nobody likes. It’s easy to get rid of but if you’re going to pay for it and then strip the DRM I say just pirate it instead.

    OS X works wonderfully though, which is something I only wish I could say about XP.

  4. I’d agree Apple has better products. By a long way. But they can be truly fucking evil as a company, I wish their cheer squad would realise that.

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