The Angry News – Helping the New York Times

The New York Times is a reputable newspaper but I think I can help them improve – they need to simplify their reporting as per my suggestion in this Angry News Bulletin:

The URL for this video is 



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4 responses to “The Angry News – Helping the New York Times

  1. Matt

    I know how you feel. I live in the US and it always feels like the news is just repeating itself. Especially with Bush.

  2. At least they’re now repeated critical stories of him. It used to seem he was cotaed in teflon.

  3. Matt

    See at the first election I was pro bush ( you would have to be here i guess). For the second election, I thought bush would be lesser of the two evils, I don;t know what the hell I was on.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes Matt. The Bush camp are scary good manipulators of media.

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