The Angry News – Death by PowerPoint Redux

I missed an Angry News bulletin, so there will be two today!  The piece of news covers the story that shows Microsoft’s PowerPoint is even more evil than I previously imagined – now you don’t just get bored to death, you can get damaging viruses by opening a PowerPoint presentation.

Obviously, my answer for improved security is to ban PowerPoint altogether.

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3 responses to “The Angry News – Death by PowerPoint Redux

  1. I long for the day when someone loads up their PowerPoint presentation and any connected computers simply explode. As a uni teacher who’s expected to attend conferences and give presentations I can actually see how PowerPoint could be put to good use. But because pretty much every PP presentation I’ve ever seen consists of nothing more than some bozo standing there reading aloud what’s on the screen (as if I couldn’t just read it myself), I give it a complete pass.

  2. saly

    I agree with kyklops! I see that happening everyday when my students make presentations.

    I dislike chain emails and forwarded emails with PPT attachments!

  3. I should have named this one “Death by PowerPoint Redux” – it makes a great companion piece to the post I wrote a little while ago. Too bad this news didn’t break at the time.

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