My 100th video for YouTube

It’s official – I need to get a life.  This is the 100th video I’ve posted to YouTube (they aren’t all on this blog as some of them were very YouTube specific).

The URL for this video is



Filed under General Angriness

6 responses to “My 100th video for YouTube

  1. if you are happy – whats the problem

    congrats on 100 – you really are a committed angry person – well done

  2. Matt T.

    I can proudly say I have seen all 100 videos. Congratulations, keep up the good work.

  3. I do believe this is the most angry I have seen you. Very good!
    I’m so proud. sniff.

  4. Howard: some people have argued that I should be committed but what do they know? Bloody know-it-all psychiatrists

    Matt: good job, that’s almost as crazy as me haviung made them 🙂

    Sandra: I had some good motivation. I’m going to finish editing a highlight reel featuring all 100 tonight – watch out for that.

  5. 😀 – **Bravo** – !!!!!!!!!

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