A Video Endurance Test

My YouTube subscribers kept asking me to post a long video and I kept thinking it was a bad idea.  In the end I decided to call their bluff and posted this 20 minute video of me conducting a rambling monologue on my way to work.  And it seems they like it.  Weird.

Personally, I only recommend it to people suffering from insomnia.  Or maybe they could screen it on an endless loop to prisoners at Gitmo.  Nahhhh, not even the CIA are that cruel.

The URL for this video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0zkwVlTedU 



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5 responses to “A Video Endurance Test

  1. well i have gotten better but thanks for the comment

  2. You do seem pretty angry, however as Rage Against The Machine would say “Anger is a gift”. I’m equally pissed and with reason. Check out my blog at http://drewyoutoo.blogspot.com and find out why. It could happen to you, well not you actually I suppose as you don’t have a Social Security Number. Read it anyway, it’ll piss you off.

  3. Bureacracies always piss me off. And my Muse is Mr John Lydon, who wisely told us “Anger is an energy”.

  4. Jennifer

    Was it “Casual Monday” at work? I was looking forward to seeing you in the suit and tie.

  5. Casual Friday actually, I did it last Friday. BUT if you look at the back catalogue, you’ll see I’ve done the angry drive before and I was wearing the suit and tie that time. Because I broke the previous one into 4 pieces, you see it 4 times in the 100 video highlights I just posted.

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