The Angry News – There’s Something About Mary

I’ve fallen a little behind with posting Angry News bulletins on here recently (I’ve been keeping up with them on YouTube) so you’ll probably see a lot of videos over the coming weekend.  This bulletin was inspired by a news story on Keisha Castle-Hughes, the 16 year old actress who came to some international notice when she was the youngest ever nominee for the Best Actress Academy Award for her work in the New Zealand film “Whale Rider.”  This is not that story.  This is another story.

The URL for this video is



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3 responses to “The Angry News – There’s Something About Mary

  1. It probably all a marketing ploy in the first place to create interest in the new movie…There will probably be an announcement after the release of the movie that she has suffered a miscarriage or something… Then again, maybe I am just a cynical bastard (probably so)

  2. I’m a cynical bastard – but there’s no way around it, this is going to totally screw up the marketing for this movie.

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