The Smoking Ghost

One thing guaranteed to piss off a non-smoker like myself is being subjected to cigarette smoke. I hardly go out to live gigs because of the assault of smoke while I’m out and the horrible stench of stale smoke impregnating my skin, clothes and hair when I get home. So the one thing you can be guaranteed that my place won’t smell of is cigarette smoke. The fucking pope can come for a visit and I won’t let him smoke.

But I can’t stop the ghost from smoking.

I’m not a superstitious person but the only explanation I can come up with for the recurring cigarette smoke smell in my place is a wandering smoking ghost. It isn’t my imagination because my girlfriend has confirmed that she smells it as well. It tends to be strongest in the kitchen and I’ve been working on a theory that might explain it.

Before anyone gets worried and thinks I’ve left my stove on or my wiring is shorting out – this a very specific cigarette smell, not a generalised burning or smoke smell. I’ve ruled out someone standing outside my kitchen window and smoking there just to piss me off – that would be paranoid. But I’m pretty sure the ghost is a sound theory.

If it isn’t a ghost I think it may be something to do with the plumbing. I learned the hard way that all the plumbing in this building is interconnected when my bathroom flooded after someone upstairs emptied their bathtub. So I’m working on an elaborate theory that involves smoke from someone else’s apartment being sucked down the pipes and coming up my kitchen sink.

If anyone has a better theory, I’d love to hear it.



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18 responses to “The Smoking Ghost

  1. Na I think the smoking ghost is a cool one. Try to get a photo of it if possible:) While smoking of course.

  2. I need to set up a webcam or something to watch the house while I’m out and see if I can catch it.

  3. U wont be able to catch the ghost on camera. Try ghostbusting it.

  4. Or maybe I’ll just burn incense.

  5. ghostbusting it! bwahahahahaha!!

  6. Definitely a ghost!

    Also, thanks for helping me out with YouTube info. the other day.

  7. No problem alison, I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff on YT!

  8. erica

    I work in a thrift store and weird things always happen there. we always smell weird spots in the store that smell like something electrical is burning and then its gone and nothing will be plugged in or running. the strange thing is it will get very strong and then NOTHING. I was sitting in the office filling out paperwork once and it smelled like HEAVY cigarette smoke out of nowhere. I thought that I was finally going to catch one of the employees smoking in the bathroom or the hall but when I went out not only was there no one around at all, but it didnt smell like smoke outside of the office. I went back in and sat down and it was getting stronger and stronger until it was like someone was blowing smoke in your face. but again nothing outside of the office…

    Then just tonight we were closing and earlier today on my break i had looked up ”burning ghost smells” and read that spirits can give of smells because i was curious as to what was going on with odd smells in that place. Shortly after reading about how the burning smell could be a spirit we were closing and one of the employees boyfriends was helping us clean and he came running in the office and said that we needed to come out quick because he smelled something heavily burning. (this was from a guy who had no idea of any odd things that have been happening)
    The only explanation that i can think of would be all of the donations that we receive were from people who are deceased and they are somehow attatched to the item (ie:chairs, matresses, etc……)
    Has anyone been able to explain any encounters like this one before?
    I mean besides an olfactory nerve malfunction.

  9. I had always figured maybe I was just crazy.

  10. D

    Just this morning, I was driving to drop my daughter off at school, and I was surprised to smell cigarette smoke!! I am a smoker, yet I drove her to school every morning , And Yes I know what it smells like.. I never smoke in the morning, actually I only smoke every other day.. Well, after I dropped her off , I smelled it again, like someone was sitting right next to me smoking, yet their was no one their…

    Thanks 4 listening

    totally honest


  11. karen

    i just came across your post in a search because im wondering about the same thing in my house. we are in single family house so i can probably rule out plumbing. I also know none of our adjacent neighbors smoke. it’s very bizarre.

  12. Karen

    I was just doing a search for smoking ghosts. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago and now I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke. Today I have smelled cigarette smoke like its being blown in my face 4 times and my husband smelled it once. It’s very bizarre. I thought it was a with drawl symptom, but that sounded too crazy. I think it’s a evil spirit teasing and tempting me. I will probably call my pastor and ask her to bless my house.

  13. mama

    I am also searching for ghost odors. My teenager awakens smelling smoke in her room regularly. We live in a single family home. There are no smokers in the house. I smelled the smoke in her room yesterday morning. No odor in her hair, nor her clothes nor her bed linens. Just a cigarette smoke odor in the air. My daughter has been having visions of the departed for a few years. I’m wondering if she is being visited. Both of my daughters have seen a little girl ghost in our home. I doubt she is the smoker. Nevertheless, my daughters gave me identical descriptions of the little girl ghost on separate occasions. So, yes, I’m thinking that we have a cigarette smoke ghost. Now…how to get rid of it?

  14. Don Pedro

    My bathroom sometimes smells of cigarette smoke, and there is no possibility that this smell is external, unless smoke is also travelling through my plumbing. I seriously doubt that, though. To be honest, I have just trying to ignore it or, when that fails, rationalise it, but I have to admit it does make me slightly uncomfortable. I live in modern student accommodation, however, so I can’t see why there would be spirits present. I don’t really mind if there is, just as long as they refrain from bringing themselves to my attention in any way.

  15. sue gill

    hi just came a cross all of you and i have the same problem .Ido not smoke and no one else smokes but every now and again we smell cigarette we do not smell it all at the same time but it in the living room i say it my sister who died 4yrs ago as it started then we had toys going off by them self taprecords also going and once my daughter who at the time was 23yrs came down from bathroom white as ghost said some got her hair and put it be hind her ears some times it strong and some time it not people come and in and we say that we been smelling smoke and reply that it just happened to them so perhaps I have a smoking ghost as my sister did smoke .

  16. Hello my name is raven i live in the mojave desert i came across this page . An im glad to know im not only one who has a smoking ghost or entity. It happens in the master bedroom at times or where ever im sitting. It made me cough at times or my eyes water. Also when im cleaning i discover there ash on my shelving. Not dust but ash. Its annoying nice to know im not crazy. (Raven)

  17. steph

    I am having teh same issue but in just one room in my house. Started about a week ago and nobody can smell it but me. I have never smoked and this home is not been smoked in either. Nor do either of my neighbors smoke. I have tried to find source with no luck. Checked everything you can possibly check. At times its so strong my eyes burn and throat gets dry and sore. Please help me figure out whats wrong.

  18. Julie

    Hi, I am from India and smelt cigarette smoke in our guest bedroom. It is usually locked, one night when I opened the bedroom, I could smell it very clearly. It happened 4 – 5 nights and I asked my wife and niece to check if I was imagining. They confirmed it was cigarette smoke and it was very strong, as if someone was smoking right in the room.

    Later I found a cigarette pack with 4 burnt cigarettes in it along with a match box in the same room, under the mattress. The cigarettes were not completely burnt, but were smoked in a very abnormal way. One was 3/4 in length, one was half and the rest 2 were almost fully smoked up to the butt.

    No one in our house smokes and I still have no clue what this is all about. If anyone has any idea or clue, please do share your views.


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