Cute Overload Revisited

Well, my video posting got taken over by my kids this weekend. Despite the danger of making everyone diabetic with this much sweetness I present the little angries rampaging through YouTube.

This first one shows how my daughter is being indoctorinated/taught about water conservation in school. By some measures, Melbourne could be out of water in 15 years unless there are some radical changes in either weather patterns or water usage.

The URL for this video is

This one is my daughter’s reaction to how lousy some of the drivers about town are. It seems my influence is coming through.

The URL for this video is

This one started out being a demonstration on how I made my mask then it got kind of out of hand.

The URL for this video is

There were so many positive comment about the previous videos over the weekend my daughter decided she was more popular than me and was going to take over. She plays dirty.

The URL for this video is



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6 responses to “Cute Overload Revisited

  1. That is just so sweet! I can see that the whole family is having fun making videos. Lovely!

  2. I can’t keep them away! All weekend it was “daddy, can we make another movie?”

  3. I love the hand me a toy! Kids are the same all over the world! Bombard Daddy! 😀

    This is great stuff!

  4. Yeah, they scripted all of these themselves too.

  5. I’m on to you, Mr. Angry Aussie!

    Using computer facial scanning technology, we have narrowed down the list of whom you are!

    Be afraid!

    I’m putting my money that you’re Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States (1963–1969) in recluse. You were a major leader of the Democratic Party and while President were responsible for designing your “Great Society”, comprising liberal legislation including civil rights laws, Medicare (health care for the elderly), Medicaid (health care for the poor), aid to education, and a major “War on Poverty.” (And you hated the Republicans then too!)

    * if you can not see the embedded image, click on this link:


  6. OK, now THAT is funny! 😀 Everyone must check out the image Chaz links to. I *wish* people thought I was a younger michael caine!

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