Some old school angry behaviour

This video is my post to The Blogging Times for this week.  I think this is the angriest I’ve been in a video for a while – it was easy to get angry given the subject matter.  Some moronic judge thinks he has the right to pass a sweeping judgement against anti-spam outfit Spamhaus including suspending their domain which would give spammers everywhere a free ride.

If there’s any common sense in the world, this would be overturned.  But any regular visitors here would know my opinion of how much common sense there is in the world.



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8 responses to “Some old school angry behaviour

  1. Wow… very angry, Mr Angry. I can see why though. Fucking spammers.

  2. Absolutely. This judgement is absolute bullshit.

  3. As an ex recruitment consultant with 20 years worth of experience, I would like to take you up on a few points. Firstly in some ways I agree with you that some consultants have about as much use as a used tea bag. The reason being they generally are taken straight from university and are expected to know how to point someone on the right career path.

    Saying that there are quality consultants out there, you just need to find the right one, they are probably an independent with a number of years of experience. The larger agencies operate like estate agencies, use them for info and work with the consultant that gives you added value.

    In respect to HR you need to realize that recruitment is generally a very small part of their role, as they are involved in many other issues internally. Where I do agree is that they should not be involved in the process at all, that should be down to the department manager and as a result I know that quality candidates have been missed.

    To finish what has ruined this industry is the electronic age, and the ease to send emails as a result that personal contact has almost gone where you could call a manager and say “Bob I have someone here I think you should see.” And that was all it took if you had the respect and experience.

  4. Halloween is a big deal in the Middle East too! Of course, it gained popularity after the Gulf War when Americans moved to the Gulf. At the moment, many countries in the Gulf are all black and orange and Christmas trees (even real ones!) have already made their way into stores.

  5. I think your new layout looks good, but I am leaving a comment for you halloween post, and there are comments relating to spam and IT Recruitment here as well….

    Anyway, as I was saying, Halloween is not something usually celebrated here in downtown Yass, for some reason…

    Have fun with your kids sugar rush….You are going to have fun trying to get them into bed tonight…

  6. Chuckles

    I haven’t had to deal with a recruiter, but reading job postings is driving me crazy. I’ve seen innumerable jobs that require qualifications such as:
    “Strong work ethic”
    “Attention to detail”

    I really wonder why phrases like these are even included. If they post an ad for another job at the firm, and don’t include these phrases, does that mean that they’re explicitly looking for someone who is a slacker, and is sloppy in their work?

    what a bunch of B.S. …

  7. It’s not just the audio, check out the video of Alan Jones being a dick.

    As I said in your youtube the real issue is the cash for comments not his sexuality. But his sexuality is an issue if he’s being hypcritical about it.

    I remember years ago when he had his very short stint on TV. Bruce Mackinvany had a new sports show out and was celebrating when Steve Vizard crossed to him. Old Brucey was quite tanked and made a comment about how he’d be watching the men’s bodies in the upcoming athletics tournament. It was kinda implied that Bruce was either gay, bi or bi-curious. I saw Vizard at the time. I also saw Alan Jones repeat that short segment on his show. He didn’t say much but gave that dirty little smug smirk he’s famous for.

    Please tackle Andrew Bolt next

    He’s almost a bigger dick!

  8. Gordon J Milne

    I agree with Stephen Fowler regarding HR.

    One of the companies in the city I live in has an HR department that believes itself to be the bees knees because it “handles” over 450 people. However, it does not mean anything when it comes to the hiring process. Their HR department is relegated to the mechanics of the hiring process (i.e. inviting people for interview and sending out job offers). They are not trusted to “find” people.

    I once made the mistake of registering with their online job site once. A few months later I was invited by them (via a recruiter) to come in for an interview. The day before the interview I got an e-mail from them telling me that they could not offer me anything.

    What had happened was that my online expression of interest had expired and I had received an automatically generated e-mail. The interview I had just been invited to was still on.

    Sounds chaotic, does it not?

    As for recruiters, they tend to get a lot better when the talent market is small and the demand high. At that point it becomes worth their time to cultivate the candidate. It was like this back in 2000 but totally changed by 2002. I get the impression it is swinging back to a candidate focus again.

    If you work from contract to contract instead of looking for a permanent position, recruiters are bound to become a way of life. The good ones are worth cultivating and keeping in touch with. It has taken me a long time to realise this. I keep in touch tow recruiters a few times a year, and they keep in touch with me. I have no intention of leaving my current job but it is handy to have someone to look to if things change.

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