Some video help from my other half

I’ve been getting a little bit of help making videos this week from the delightful Ms Angry.  Maybe she was jealous of the little angries hogging all the limelight – in any case, she helps me out in the following two videos.  It would be possible to draw the inference from watching these videos that I am painting my other half as a nag or I’m henpecked or some such thing.  I know my readers/viewers are too smart to fall into such a trap – after all, if she really was like that, there’s no way she’d get involved in videos that might suggest the same, however jokingly.

This first one is inspired by an article in the New York Times saying how Halloween costumes for women are essentially dressing them up as hookers:

The URL for this video is

This second video comes from an article on a UK website citing a study that “proves” women are grumpier than men.  This all comes from someone called the “Sleep Council”  – no explanation of who this sleep council might be, but we’re supposed to accept their word anyway.

The URL for this video is

BTW, I haven’t been posting many videos to the blog lately although I’ve been making heaps.  Nobody’s complained about the lack of videos but if you’re feeling deprived, let me know.  I can post heaps more.



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2 responses to “Some video help from my other half

  1. you may be the foreskin king, but since i wrote about the slut-o-ween thing on my blog i’ve gotten tons of hits from google searches, replacing ‘cleavage’ and ‘the neifi index’ as my leading google hits. sad, so sad.

  2. Yes, I’m always torn between hilarity and sadness at the porn searches.

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