An opportunity presents itself

So I’ve been working on what the next steps for me and the whole Mr Angry character might be.  Exploring the live arena has seemed like the way to go while I wait to be “discovered” via this blog or YouTube.  I’ve been doing the occasional open mic night but now an opportunity has come up that seems right down my alley.

Cable TV here in Australia is not like in the US – it’s really on the fringe, probably less than 1/3 of Australians have any sort of pay TV.  I have pay TV mainly for entertainment for the kids and animated shows for me.  At least 50% of my viewing is on the Comedy Channel (heavily reliant on the US cable channel Comedy Central for content).  Recently, the Comedy Channel began running a locally produced standup series each weeknight with a range of comics doing 5-10 minute sets.  And now they’re running a competition where anyone can win a spot on the show by submitting a 3 minute video.

Now I feel like I have an automatic advantage because I’m all over this doing comedy on video thing.  But I am asking for a little help from my faithful readers/viewers.  What should I do for the three minute video?  Of all my stuff you may have read or watched on video, what’s the funniest (that I can squeeze into 3 minutes)?  Or if you want to go left field feel free to suggest something you think I COULD do that I haven’t done before.

My longer term readers/viewers have already been asked this question several times – I ask for input each time I go to do a live performance.  So don’t give me a hard time about putting you on the spot.  I’m here every day for you, don’t fucking wimp out on me now.  For fun, I’m including the video plea on the same topic I did on YouTube.  And if you happen to like the “Angry Aussie” theme music I often use on YouTube videos you can download it from here:

Apologies ahead of time for the amount of popups this site spawns, but hey, it’s free.



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7 responses to “An opportunity presents itself

  1. Suggestion-leave the “I’d kill a small child for a Krispy Kreme” out of it (I don’t think it’d go down well…) I mean, I reckon it’s funny, but I’ve always had a fucked up sense of humour. Feel free to keep “Fuck you in the nexk with a butter knife”, cos that has a certain panache about it.

    Run with the Asshole Alan Jones thing, or maybe the US Judge who think it is our democratic right to get shafted with shitloads of spam, because he is a loser who has no idea HOW FUCKING FRUSTRATING it is to be offered viagra, cialis and prozac from Canada, or being told (17 times a day) which shares he should buy, becuase they are going to explode.

    here’s a tip for young punters not into shopping; If you see a person standing right in the middle of the aisle (like you have to look for them), walk up to them all cheery and smiley, and say “Hi, How are you? I was just wondering; did you know if you move six inches to the left *volume increase* YOU’D BE RIGHT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF THE AISLE SO NO ONE CAN GET THROUGH!!!” (I hate christmas shopping) and then look at them in the eye, until they move.

    BTW, down in a couple of weeks; we’ll “do lunch”, if that floats your boat… or maybe a bike ride in St Kilda…I have a big mouth, and an attitude to match..

  2. I’ll admit I don’t look at so many of your vidoes, a combination of a crap connection and having to share the space here, but I think you’re brilliant, you’ll win whatever you choose:)

  3. i would love to hear an all-new rant about youtube. what the fuck is up with people that the top-rated video on youtube is lindsay lohan calling paris hilton a cunt? is the whole thing just an rated version of people magazine? you provide the ways and means for everyone in the world to contribute to a whole new global civilization, and this is what you get? why even bother!

    well, that’s just my rant, i guess.

    good luck!

  4. I’m not sure about too much else beyond the fact that you got a f&*$ing Killer Arse view from 47th floor. Just keep shooting until it’s not fun any more…..

  5. gruntski: thanks for the tips, I like the advice to shoppers. And drop me a line when you’re down here – you know how to reach me 🙂

    michelle: aww thanks – half my videos are based on things I’ve written here anyway.

    tom: fair call on youtube – a slightly better guide to the quality stuff on youtube is the highest subscribed channels. Then when you find a good one of these, check who they’re subscribed to.

    marr: that is a good view isn’t it 🙂 I can’t take it on stage with me though!

  6. Jennifer

    My apologies for being late to the party on this post…

    I really liked the bit you did on the idiot that listened to his voicemail full blast. You nailed him good.

    Good luck.

  7. Contributions are always welcome whenever they appear 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do a video version of that one… but I need a group of willing participants and an office space to use.

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