Lazy Sunday Blogging

Well, it’s Sunday and I don’t feel like writing anything epic, so I bring you a few news highlights from this week.  The single most common comment I get on these Angry News videos on YouTube is “I never heard about this, I’m glad you bring us these stories.”  I think it’s some strange combination of amusing and tragic that I’m the most trusted news source on YouTube.

This first story is about a guy who would have been a sure-fire Darwin Award winner if only he had died.

The URL for this video is

This next story was inspired by the sort of headline you really don’t want to see too often: “Killer missing from mental hospital”:

The URL for this video is

To round things off, this last video isn’t a news story.  It’s another of my Melbourne travelogues, this one has been quite popular on YouTube – it shows off a range of the graffiti art about town.

The URL for this video is



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4 responses to “Lazy Sunday Blogging

  1. Please do an agry news segment on this when your feeling inspired.

  2. I loved the video about the street art. Is it a crime in Australia? It is in the USA. There are many people in jails and prisons for it. I think they are incredibly talented and should find canvas and become millionaires.

  3. After re-reading your last post…..If you can get three minutes of material from the link I posted earlier and the saltwater crock you’ve got it I think. Maybe do comedy bit on Darwin Award winners. Maybe even have some little trophies for the “Numb Nut Winners.”

    Just a thought. Sorry I didn’t post on the other blog.

  4. marr: yep another darwin award entrant. I thin one of the papers here had a video of this idiot on their website, I’m gonna look for it. If it’s the same one I actually think he was a soldier! Thanks for the suggestions re stupid people and a routine, sounds good! 😀

    Sandra: yeah it’s a crime and a lot of people get arrested here too. A lot of the big stuff is done with the building owner’s permission, a lot more is done with a nudge and a wink but occasionally there are arrests. I’m going to do another one and include more stencil art that melbourne is famous for.

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