Rioting in the streets

Well, maybe – maybe not.  It’s hardly a Paris-level riot but there a bit of carrying on in Melbourne today while the G20 convention is in town.  I was going to take some more pictures of graffiti to make another video but it turns out this is a bad idea today.  Skulking around back alleys with a camera and a mask is likely to get my head caved in with a baton if the cops see me.

I had been out at my daughter’s birthday party on the other side of town and thought I’d stop in the city on my way home.  Getting a few photos while I was out seemed more efficient than going out again tomorrow.  Instead of getting photos I got stuck in road blacks and traffic jams, now I have a headache and feel absolutely fucked – as if I’d been out all night.

I was up a little late but only watching cartoons and making videos.  I actually did a new intro for my angry news pieces, here it is for your viewing pleasure:



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4 responses to “Rioting in the streets

  1. That’s very interesting… I’ll have to hide my axe, now.
    Maybe you could find out if they have researched something similar with bovines. And you could be credited with the re-release of that song “Cows with Guns” (dunno if you ever heard it, was around 1996, from memory)

  2. I like the new intro. When I was 2 or 3 years old I did the same study. Mom and Dad bought us little colored baby chicks for Easter. One grew up to be the meanest fucking rooster. It definately knew me and pecked on my knees everytime I went outside. Its sole purpose in existance was to torment me when I came out. I could hear its thoughts…..’can’t wait for that little twit to come outside….i know she exists for my pecking pleasure.’ When you get past 3 years old though – you should not do studies on fucking chickens. Which yours is, by the way, a duck. 😀

  3. I thought it was a swan, but then again , I wasn’t looking too hard.

  4. gruntski: yep, I remember that one. still gets played on JJJ occasionally.

    Sandra: Nasty thing. Bantams are the really psycho ones.

    And you’re both right in that it wasn’t a chicken – I was improvising. I think it’s a swan from a charlotte’s web finger puppet set.

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