Braving the riots

I am so friggin’ tired right now.  I braved the barricaded streets of Melbourne today to get some footage for another street art video.  There is so much of this stuff around Melbourne, it’s amazing.  I only used about half the stuff I shot in the end – and there’s still heaps more I could find.  I stopped at this point so the video wouldn’t be too long.

The G20  “riots” were a bit of a non-event – several streets were closed, including some seedy back alleys that have some good stencils usually.  The local tabloid had a field day, calling it a “day of shame” and foaming at the (metaphorical) mouth about the terrible miscreants.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate tabloid media?  I swear, those brainless conservative fuckwits need a good beating so the get a sense of perspective.  Admittedly, beating them might not make their worldview more balanced but I’d enjoy beating them.

Anyway, this video took forever to edit, so enjoy it dammit!



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4 responses to “Braving the riots

  1. djo

    Funny how you have such a problem with people smashing police vehicles but you are quite happy to inflict physical violence onto people you’ve never met or talked to.

    smart one.

    go learn perhaps why people were so pissed off, you might not agree with what they did, i don’t agree, but you might understand just how fucked the world is.

  2. Do you know this ^ person? Do I need to bring out the handcuffs?

    I loved the video dammit 😀 Go do some more.

  3. djo: grow a fucking brain you loser! Did you even read the piece? I was attacking the moronic tabloid for blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Knee-jerk fuckwits like you who neither think nor listen are what give activists a hard time. Grow the fuck up you idiot!

    Sandra: I actually have heaps more footage I didn’t use – I may do another one later in the week.

  4. I see you don’t need the cuffs. 😀

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