Mr Angry Remixed

Sometimes I wish I knew why my brain worked the way it does.  I get fixated in ways that make no sense.  For instance, on Sunday I was obsessed with doing that street art video.  I spent hours wandering the streets getting the images then I spent hours editing it.  Any sensible person would have paced themselves and left the editing for another day.  But I happen to not be particularly sensible.

I had this weird obsession that I had “promised” to do the video over the weekend and so I had to do it.  It isn’t as if the world would have stopped turning  if I’d done something else but my brain tends to be fairly linear.  An idea got into it and I wanted to follow through on that despite the fact that common sense may have dictated a different course of action.

Now I’m feeling really run down.  Maybe I can blame my obsessive-compulsive delirium on some illness.  Yes, that’s it!  I’m not mental after all.  Just a little sick.

So I’ve also done a bunch of stuff for The Fizz.  I might as make the best of my surge of activity.  If anyone actually gets DirecTV let me know and I’ll tell you the airing dates.  It’s slightly weird – being on TV but not knowing anyone who will actually see it.  Once it’s been on TV it will probably be on YouTube so I’ll post it here as well.

As I’m feeling too run down to write a particularly long post today I’ll finish with another video.  This is actually a remix of one of my “angry news” pieces done by one of my subscribers.  His user name is Conmech and he puts an amazing amount of work into his videos – check out the special effects!  I have his footage as well so I’m doing my own “director’s cut” later in the week.

He lives in Turkey so we’re promoting it as a more positive collaboration than previous Australian/Turkish “adventures”.  Maybe the cross-cultural aspects will finally get me featured on YouTube!



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4 responses to “Mr Angry Remixed

  1. Thats fuckin great….well done to Conmech, and to your good self!!!

  2. Mr. Angry. LOL! What a snakelicous collaboration! The music and special effects and the ammunition were hilarious. That’s the news and that’s the truth.

    Nazli (Turkish name, did you know?)

  3. gruntski: he puts an amazing amount of work into his vids

    Nazli: I didn’t know that your name was turkish – I am illuminated 🙂 I love how he took the “loaded snake” line literally.

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