Shopping for stage make-up, masks and costumes in Melbourne

Nobody in Australia knows how to use the fucking internet! I know this because every time I try to find something I want online I can’t fucking find it! Case in point: recently, I was doing exactly as the topic of this post says, shopping for stage makeup, costumes and masks here in Melbourne. I had this crazy idea that if I plugged those terms into Google, I’d find what I was looking for. No such fucking luck.

I had a bastard of a time finding what I was looking for. I did find one place that had bought the appropriate adsense keywords, so they at least knew how to pay to show up at the right time on Google. But the free listings (search results) were fucking useless. I’m desperately trying to give someone my money and they don’t know how to take it!

I eventually found a few places that weren’t too far away but it was a hard slog. I’m willing to bet that within a week I’ll be one of the top search results for this sort of thing. And I won’t have paid a cent to get there. I should get these stores to sponsor me. The good ones are REALLY good – they’re like Aladdin’s cave to me. So many possibilities with props, make-up and costumes. I’m thinking of taking a video just walking around one of these shops showing the various things and asking for suggestions on which ones I should use.

So when you see me occasionally introduce a new character in a video, it’s because I’ve been shopping and found a mask I like. Usually I find a mask and have no clear idea of how I’m going to use it – I just like it and so I get it. Then I spends some time (sometimes a long time) working out what sort of character suits the mask. I did this again on the weekend, I found a silver, almost featureless mask. It looked very android-y and I decided almost straight away I had to have it. It was so devoid of expression it was almost the anti-Mr Angry.

The initial idea I had was that this character would send back videos “from the future”. Quite a few people do this on YouTube to varying degrees of jokiness and success. Why should I be any different? I shot a video on Sunday but didn’t put it up until Tuesday night because I honestly thought it was kind of dorky. I have been surprised by the reception yet again – he seems insanely popular on YouTube. That surprise happens to me often – I’ll post something here or on YouTube thinking “people really aren’t going to like this” and everyone thinks it’s great.

Without further ado, I present the Blogging Bot with an important message from the future:



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15 responses to “Shopping for stage make-up, masks and costumes in Melbourne

  1. Hmm.. is it just me or does this video only appear on the blogspot version? THe HTML tells me it’s not me..

    Happy anger management!

  2. Thanks for the tip Daniel! All better now.

  3. And the clips damn good too if laughing counts. What is laughing out loud anyway? Can you really laugh in your head? And is that really laughing? Chatters are mental.

  4. I’m glad you liked it. And you’re right, chatters are absolutely mental!

  5. I’m stocking up on silver stuff now, the future is coming! I’m hoping Mr Angry will remember the people who were around when he was just starting his trek towards world domination, perhaps with a nice job, a few good words, etc..

  6. Don’t worry Michelle, you’re officially part of the entourage when the day comes 🙂 And yes, everything in the future is silver.

  7. Salamaat,
    aight, let me know when you are in my neck of woods…Sandra and I will make a formidable US team 🙂

  8. You look more angry with this to me! But its cool!

  9. Maliha: I can’t want to have my US posse keeping the crowds in line for me 😀

    Suroor: Aren’t I always angry?

  10. pinkjjj

    oh jesus – i’m doing the same. i need silver makeup, silver anything. i’ve decided to go as a star to our xmas party considering our imagainative theme is XMAS…who would have thought. I want to show the light to baby jesus and hopefully my 3 kings, well anyone really wil lfollow me on my path of wisdom and hope. And i know I’ll get angry, but I plugged in silver-make up melbourne, and got you. Now can you help me out or I will get angry too. But I porbably won’t swear as much as you do, cos I aint that angry yet. Thanks…other than that i felt like spraying myself with snow spray but I thought i might that might be lethal.

  11. Ashleigh

    Heh- I was searching for a costume on google and found this. I lol’d at the bit where you said “I’m willing to bet that within a week I’ll be one of the top search results for this sort of thing. And I won’t have paid a cent to get there.”

    It’s true…I’m scared…

    I like the video 🙂

  12. Larissa

    I was looking for costume makeup too… Can u suggest any good places in Melbourne? I want an aladdin’s cave type place.

    • That’s my point exactly! There is a place I know in the city but you should find it instantly by searching online but the people don’t know how to use the internet!

  13. have supplies

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