People are dicks

Every now and then it feels like I might be facing a challenge in maintaining my anger.  A few things go in my favour and I find myself feeling… happy.  But fortunately there is one thing guaranteed to bring my boiling anger back.


People are dicks.  No, that’s an insult to dicks.  People are fucking morons.  Whether it’s some idiot who can’t drive, some loudmouth in a public setting or some antisocial loser online, there’s always someone around to ensure that Mr Angry stays angry.

My latest run-in with a moron was via email and the subject was the internet domain “”.  I actually own a number of domains based around the name of this blog and I haven’t done anything with any of them yet.  A little while ago I received an email from someone wanting to know if I’d sell the domain.  My answer was, of course, no.  I was intrigued about what the person was planning, though, and asked them what they intended to see if we could work something out.  I pointed out that I wanted the domain for this blog (eventually) but if our aims had sufficient common ground there might be an opportunity to do something together.

To which I got this stupid response saying that there’s no way he could possibly reveal his amazing secret plus he was wondering why I wanted and “Australian” domain when I wasn’t an aussie.   So he manages to be a fuckwit on three counts. 

First, he obsesses that he has some amazing secret that can’t possibly be divulged to anyone because this would compromise its wonderful, unique, brilliant, sacred secretness.  I’ve heard this criticism of Australian so-called entrepreneurs from VCs before.  They’re so obsessed that they have a secret that will be stolen away from them that they will never tell ANYONE what their concept is and so nobody will work with them or fund them.  While there most certainly are many examples of bastard money lenders screwing over innovators, the end result of truly obsessive secretiveness is NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

Second, he makes the stupid statement that I’m not Australian.  He has absolutely nothing to base this on.  Plus, I’ve pointed him to the evidence that I clearly am Australian, which he clearly hasn’t checked out.  So he’s a dick who does no research and leaps to conclusions.

Third, he’s completely ignored the fact that I’ve given him an opportunity.  I don’t know a thing about what he’s planning but if there’s something we can do together I’m willing to look into it.  He clearly hasn’t taken the time to actually read my response properly or maybe he’s simply too stupid to get it.  He seems like a 3 year old – “I want that!  If I can’t have what I want, when I want it with no negotiation then I’ll chuck a tantrum!” 

I suppose I should point out that the guy wasn’t actually aggressive.  He was just a dick.  And I fucking hate people who act like dicks.



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18 responses to “People are dicks

  1. Hahaha! How crazy is that?! How did he justify his imagination that you are not Australian? So crazy!

    So are you?? 🙂

  2. You know I use to have this little poster in my office years ago…….

    Everyday Forces
    Me to Add
    To the List
    Of People
    That Can

    Sound like you have another name to add to your list….Hey maybe we should start an anonymous blog just for that…??????

    Everybody could add names………..

  3. Oh, come on, Mr. Angry. That mask and silly fake accent can’t hide the unalterable fact that you’re a Canadian!! My silence in this matter can, of course, be bought. BUT, time is running out…. You know how to contact me…

  4. Ya scandahoovian git….imagine trying to pass yourself of as an Aussie, who lives in Melbourne (Australia) and who sounds like an aussie, and performs shows at Melbourne venues. Christ, who are you trying to fool?

  5. ps. The term *Scandahoovian* was “borrowed” from a Stephen King novel (I just forget which one).

  6. Suroor: he justified it by being an idiot.

    Marr: That’s what I do on this blog 😀

    kyklops: my secret is out!

    gruntski: yes, I’m a scandahoovian-canadian imposter!

  7. i truly believe that if we removed all the warning labels on things, the problem would take care of itself. If someone wants to use a hairdryer in the shower, let them do it.

  8. Salamaat,
    hahaha…that guy is too cute! I hope he is not trying to replicate your character though!

    Canadian, yeah right! Canadians don’t have that much anger in them…they are too nice (or too cold to be angry?) 🙂

  9. Maybe he thinks that you’re not a real Australian?

  10. when i doubt, i always resort to “fucking moron”. i find it captures the whole thing nicely. after perusing the wine section of my local supermarket last night, it occurs to me that, based on the incredibly stupid names i saw there, this angryaussie fellow is probably wanting to use the name for a winery or brewery. just a hunch

  11. Mr Angry – I am laughing! You can only feel bad for a guy so sad. But – it was such a good laugh though especially as I imagine your reaction.

    BTW – I was looking through your previous entry last night and was unable to comment – but I was trying to write, “GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK, Bon Chance!” SO exciting!


  12. He was probably 15. 🙂

  13. whatta SAD, SAD person… but you are still the angriest and funniest Mr. Angry! 😉

  14. moonflake: darwinism is the answer 🙂

    maliha: Salamaat, yeah, my experience of canadians is they’re incredibly polite

    michelle: Why? Because I don’t drink beer or play footy? Oh wait, he may be on to something

    tom: it’s distinctly possible – there are some goddam weird names for australian wineries.

    Nazli: glad I gave you a laugh and thanks for the encouragement – I’m going out to try a live venue again tonight.

    engtech: IQ wise – I think you’re right

    Mayang: thanks 🙂 I use people like this to my advantage.

  15. Jennifer

    We all know you’re not Canadian or Australian. You’re English just like Madonna. 🙂

  16. I had a run in with a bunch of dicks on Friday night. There was so much dick and shit, that I couldn’t realize what was being said until afterwards. Dicks are condescending bastards, let me tell you this. And I for one don’t want anything to do with them. I am a diplomat in my heart and most of the time will smile and nod. But sometimes, it just gets too much. Personally, I would want to bash their heads in with a baseball bat, but then again, I don’t want to get sent to prison.

    Dicks from the American school suck ass. They think they are so hot, when they make 300$ more a month than us. Why all this shit? Because the owner of the two schools will merge them and they don’t like that one bit. I have had one of those dicks betray things I told him in confidence. Thanks. For that, I will publish everything you told me in full disclosure on my blog when I no longer work at my school.

    Boy, that felt good. Dirty laundry is aired.

    A circle of dicks is even worse, because they attack you like angry piranhas and you do not know where the attacks are coming from.

  17. I thought of a really gratuitous line about a circle jerk of dicks but I decided not to go there. 😉

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