The Return of the Blogging Bot from the Future

Occasionally, I do things that I think are really stupid and end up being surprised by how much people like it. A case in point is my most recent video character who has become known as “The Blogging Bot.” Here’s me gratuitously messing with a new mask and some video effect and it turns out to be popular. So here is the return of The Blogging Bot:

Hmmm, WordPress seems to be acting a bit screwy and not putting this video up… here’s the URL for anyone who wants to see it:

In this “Angry News”, The Blogging Bot makes a cameo appearance to apologise for my behaviour. From his vantage point in the future he knows when I offend people:



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5 responses to “The Return of the Blogging Bot from the Future

  1. Now THAT is funny! πŸ˜€

    Of course I wouldn’t be able to identify anything because I have allergies so bad that my nose remains stuffy. 😦

  2. Sure Sandra, that’s you’re excuse. I’m going to use that one too when they try to lock me up! I can’t smell anything! Stop looking at me like that!

  3. I wouldn’t mind having a blogging bot, he could post for me every day.

  4. In the future, everyone will have blogging bots.

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