Mr Angry catches the internet meme du jour

Anyone who’s been on the internet for any length of time would have seen how “in-jokes” tend to circulate in waves.  They may be videos (like the Numa Numa Kid or the Star Wars Kid) or something so bizarre it seems almost Dada-ist like “All your base are belong to us” or one of the latest – pictures of animals (mostly cats) featuring a bizarre or humourous phrase (often some variation of “I’m in your X doing Y“.

Often these things don’t appeal to me but I found a site that had a whole series of these captioned animals pictures and several of them made me laugh out loud.  Then I had a brainwave – what pisses me off most about YouTube? Stupid fucking videos of stupid fucking bunnies and kitties getting featured by the fucking idiots who choose the fucking feature videos!

So I decided to make my own cute animal video… except the animals may possibly be Satan’s house pets.



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18 responses to “Mr Angry catches the internet meme du jour

  1. Haha! This was really good. Very funny. My kids would have loved it but I’m afraid if I showed them it they’d ask me what “masturbate” means and I don’t want them to know just as yet. Ray is already very curious about his jewels 😉

  2. That’s bloody good, Mr A. Laughed my little sockies off, I did. I like the spelling, too. Very innovative. “Sammich”

  3. I can’t let it go without saying it….Where can I go to get a pussy sammich?

  4. maybe you might want to delete the comment above-sorry it was a bit over the top, and I didn’t think before I pressed enter…..

  5. those are too cute. Some of those little critters were cute enough to make me think about getting one…..for about 15 seconds.

  6. San

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  7. Di

    It’s a trend now? Darn. =/

    Otherwise, that’s a cute animal there.

  8. Suroor: I had exactly the same issue with my kids!

    Gruntski: I say worse things than that all the time! 😀

    Sandra: Yeah. It’s all the pet therapy I need too.

    San: Glad you liked my site, I’m not really into straight link exchanges

    Di: I think it’s a trend that’s been and gone 🙂

  9. Hey Mr Angry, have you been getting hit by spam bots not being catched by Akismet? This has happened to me over the last few days.

    I like kitties, but I tend to have a slight allergy and the super cuteness of it all is a bit dated, though the vid is hilarious.

  10. Akismet doesn’t seem to be able to block pingbacks – other than that I haven’t noticed a huge amount of spam comments getting through. Do spammers know how to do pingbacks automatically or do they have to do them manually?

  11. I say shit like that all the time- my friends can’t accept something I say until they have considered all the possible sexual connotations that may be real or implied in what comes out of my mouth…

    I just didn’t want to offend anyone (else)


  12. Cats, like most things, are better with a backbeat.

  13. gruntski: I feel confident in my readers’ ability to cope. Plus, they’ll get both barrels from you when I upload your vids as my holiday stand-in – that stuff is awesome!

    raincoaster: life’s all about the beat.

  14. Holiday madness at the angry house, I can just imagine the craziness.

  15. I’ll have a few bevvies tonight, and have another crack at a new one- I’ve found some dodgy vid editing stuff on my laptop, I might have a play with it….

  16. Did you mix the song yourself? It’s very addictive…can’t get it outta my head. And that last part of the video is simply the best. It had me laughing so hard my husband got off his computer to see what I was doing.

  17. The music was done for me by a guy called Nutyas ( I also think it’s addictive – it’s way cool having your own theme music.

  18. Ha… I just read raincoaster’s comment again (fleeting glance) and I thought it said “Cats, like most things, are better with a beating”.

    It’s OK, I still have some of my medication left, but I cut back the dose cos I’m running out…(lol)

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