I’m nobody’s pace car

There are about a million variations of drivers that piss me off on the highway. Right near the top of the list is people who use me as a pace car.  They come out of nowhere and suddenly they’re on your back bumper.

And they stay there.

You speed up and they speed up. You slow down and they slow down. Apparently they love your company. That might be nice if they weren’t so fucking intrustive. I’ve got some advice for dickheads who do this:

Either back off or overtake. Don’t just sit there. My back seat is already full, I don’t want you there too.



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13 responses to “I’m nobody’s pace car

  1. Salamaat,
    Merry Christmas. May you have a blessed day full of love and warm mushy memories 🙂

  2. Totally with you, and can’t help myself 🙂

  3. Capri

    Hey! 😛 Sorry I haven’t been by lately. I finally got working speakers the other week and FINALLY know what you sound like. 😛 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Well at least you don’t have the stress of stupid scooters all over the place. BTW, I am still driving a scooter in Taiwan, so I don’t really think of cars that much anymore. We might buy a car later next year, safer and easier to get things around.

  5. Salamaat Maliha, peace and good wishes to you and yours!

    Daniel: Thanks! Always good to be in agreement.

    Capri: Nice to see you again, so what do you think now you’ve heard me?

    Range: yeah, it sounds like you’re taking your life in your hands with a scooter.

    Sandra: say it loud and say it proud 🙂

  6. Just tell me when you wanna move your blog into angry.blogdespot.com or something, like Niels is trialing here, http://lifethe.iamtroubletoo.com. Just mail me – if you might be interested – and I’ll send you details, anyway. Howdie!

  7. Capri

    At first I thought “he has an accent” and then I remembered the title of your site. 😆

  8. Daniel: thanks for the offer, I’m not planning on moving anytime soon but I’ll keep it in mind.

    Capri: wow, you really hadn’t heard me before!

  9. I really do hate those types of drivers too. I had a few of them today. I jsut change lanes so that I can get away from them.

  10. I usually just slowwwwwww down until I almost stop (i’m willing to do so). They usually can’t take it and pass me. If and when we’d ever stop, I’d simply get out the car and smile at them (or something, lol).

    I did do something like that the other day on a one-laner where I was backed behind this incredibly slow person. However, the guy behind me thought he’d make things go faster if he tailgated me. At the stoplight, I got out of my car and asked him if he’d stop do it since I had no control of the person in front of me…needless to say this did no good but it sure made me feel better.

  11. hooligan: very responsible of you

    Mario: I do the slow down thing too. On the highway once I slowed down to about 30K and this tailgater still wouldn’t pass me. So I just pulled over. I’m not having someone rear-end me at 110K

  12. Indeed. They can be as aggressive and inconsiderate as they like – I’ll get out of their way and they can have their wish. Often I’d like to stand up to them but driving at 90 miles an hour on the motorway is not the time to play pride games.

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