Body safely home – brain expected later

I have this strategy when I go on long drives – consume enough caffeine to stay alert for the trip but not so much that I’m an incoherent gibbering wreck when I get home.  Being able to sleep sometime in the next 48 hours would be good too.

I got my plan half right.

So I’m safely home but twitching and drooling more than I’d like.  My brain is sorta like radio slightly out of tune with a channel.  Lots of static that occasionally almost forms coherent sounds that make some sort of sense.  I think I’ll run around outside and chase cicadas for a while.



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10 responses to “Body safely home – brain expected later

  1. Hahaha! Welcome back, Mr Radio-brain!

  2. Salamaat,
    Welcome back 🙂

  3. yes, and now I’m up again six hours later because I can’t sleep. Gaaah! I’m going to have a rotten Friday.

  4. Good you’re home. 🙂 I do that too – overload on coffee for everything. Particularly Christmas!

  5. I got back from Melbourne yesterday; four cans of V later….Ahhh well, at least I can have a nanna nap this afternoon…

  6. Unrelated, but I think you’d appreciate this:

    Mmm. Caffeine.

  7. Well, if “I think I’ll run around outside and chase cicadas for a while” says the same as why I want to unwind by catching a good funny buzz (here in this blog) at least once per day, unless I forget, which I would not want to admit. Would I? Stop leaving and this will not happen, even if it tried to happen. Did you know that? Probably. Strange, upside down maybe.

  8. loLZ glad to c u bak on youtube and bak on your page….after your holiday…….and geese keep off the caffeine….lolZ drink V its betta…but only drink 2 cans cause if you have more ur heart will go fuking crazy…..well later


  9. tenderhooligan: I got the balance right for the drive down but I’m still paying for the drive back

    grunstki: yeah, the nanna nap helps – passed out on the lounge mid-afternoon

    candice: that comic sums up things well 🙂

    Galen: I try to maintain the daily laughs 🙂

    Timmy: I prefer the taste of red bull but they both send you off your nut.

  10. I hate driving too long, it sucks the life out of you, it’s so monotone. This from somebody who worked from his car for a few years.

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