The downside(?) of anger

…or: How I got my work nickname.

You can never really tell what aspect of your behaviour, your past or your appearance people will latch onto and use as your nickname.  After all, it’s very rare you get to pick your own nickname – someone usually “anoints” you.

You might think my nickname at work would be Mr Angry.  You’d be wrong.  This video reveals all:



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3 responses to “The downside(?) of anger

  1. I’ve been ‘Momma Lee’ forever. Of course the kids named me that… telling what the adults call me.

  2. They wouldn’t be game to say anything mean to your face 😉

  3. Downside to being angry all the time? A heart attack at age 45? I don’t really know, just messing with you. I try to be happy most of the time, but I do get angry.

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