Arseholes aren’t funny

I feel compelled to point out this obvious fact: arseholes aren’t funny.  The reason I do this is there’s an increasing trend in “comedy” to put together a show or an act that simply consists of people being fuckwits.

Arguably, people like Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Ali G, AKA Borat) are responsible for this.  His comedy revolves around  behaving in a way that makes people uncomfortable.  At his best, he really pushes the  envelope of what he can do without being punched in the face.  Why I think he gets away with it is (a) he’s almost always funny and (b) he makes himself the “stupid” one and acts in such a disarming way that other people end up making fools of themselves.

It seems that other people see his success and think: “I can be more successful that him if I act like a total prick.”  Funny doesn’t enter into it.  Some of these shows go for full on physical assault and call it comedy.  There can be a fine line between having fun and humiliating people but not in the case of these shows.  They take the express train over to Fuckpeopleoversville.

It isn’t as if I’m a shrinking violet – I go after people all the time.  But not defenseless people in the street.  It’s marginally funnier when they go after celebrities but they still don’t seem to think it’s necessary to be funny.  “Hey, if we hit a celebrity, what more do we need to do?  That’s pure comedy gold!”

There was a time when being a sociopath was an impediment in life.  These days it seems like a guarantee of getting a TV show.  Or even elected president.



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16 responses to “Arseholes aren’t funny

  1. I’m socio-pathetic.

    What does that entitle me to?

    I’m also tele-pathetic, so I should already know…

  2. Having an exceptionally high tolerance for pain also guarantees you a TV show. Although I don’t think it will get you elected president.

    I blame the vindictive gits who will watch this crap and seem to think it is funny. (I remember people at my old work telling me all about Bum-Fighting or whatever it was called where tramps were paid to beat each other up. Not something that appealed to me, but it did to them.) Actually, they aren’t vindictive, they’re just totally without empathy. So maybe there are more sociopaths than we like to believe.

  3. Salamaat,
    i haven’t watched tv in a while, looks like i’m not missing out on anything…

    good comedy that really makes you laugh, seems hard to come by.

  4. People who think Sacha Baron Cohen is being an arsehole don’t get it – what a shame.

    Like when South Park came out and people didn’t pick up on the points being made and criticised it for just being shocking and rude for the sake of it.

    Your ignorance makes you an arsehole and guess what….you’re not funny!

  5. gruntski: you’re one of the angry legions – you’re entitled to take over the world!

    massif: exactly! it’s the spread of sociopathic people

    Maliha: not missing much at all

    Liam McFuckFace: Try reading the post you fucking moron! I specifically said Sacha Baron-Cohen was doing it right. Fuckwits who think they know everything and never actually listen to what other people say really piss me off. Idiot.

  6. Flaming joy! Both in the comments and from the post. 😉

  7. I like being ***-pathetic…. It makes my life so much more interesting. And patheticism takes time- it’s not something that occurs naturally. Unless your name is Liam McD…. He seems to have aquired an inate pathetic ability from birth… Truly, one of the lucky few.

  8. Daniel: yeah, it’s funny when someone walks into the trap of leaving a poorly thought-out negative comment.

    gruntski: possibly he’s suffered some head trauma.

  9. Liam McFuckface? I thought it was just my mother called me that.

    And I do know everything.

  10. OK, consider yourself redeemed 🙂

  11. Wow, he actually changed his name to suit the comment reply! Love it as well!

    Sasha Barton rocks, I like his comedy, though I have trouble watching the Borat segments, the Ali G and other segments are dirt ass funny.

  12. The Borat segments are the best Sacha Baron Cohen out there, except for maybe his Harvard speech as Ali G.

  13. SBC is a laugh… as long as you’re not one of the minority he chooses to humiliate. There is a very fine line between funny and nasty- others, such as Dave Chappelle- well, they take it a little far.

  14. AmITooSerious

    I think satire that is shown on a mass-media like TV is going too far. I agree it’s absolutely ok to ridicule people who are powerful yet still obviously backwards, but those pranks, where unknown persons are being mocked on the streets, are often irresponsible. A guy (like SBC) who fulfilled his dream of standing in front of a camera and satirize these people who might still have unfulfilled dreams can easily destroys their lives. I’ve read about many unknown persons who got famous because they were ridiculed on TV, be it because of their job, dialect, social status… They get harassed by teenagers or sociopathic adults for weeks after the airing and often get mental health problems or have to move away.

    By the way, should the title really say “aresholes”?

  15. AmITooSerious: OMG, I can’t believe you’re the only one to notice the spelling error! I’m fixing it now.

    I think SBC stays on the right side most of the time but I’m glad he’s never got a hold of me. The show that actually pissed me off and made me write this piece is called “Balls of Steel”. They’re utterly fucked in the way they treat ordinary people.

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