A noisy computer makes for an angry blog

The fan in my computer is playing up and making a horrible fucking whining noise.  At least I hope it’s the fan.  If it’s the hard drive I’m in serious trouble.  It’s so loud I can’t stand being on the computer for long so this will be a short post.

If I wasn’t goin on holidays in a few days I’d be arranging to have it fixed but I have too much on my mind to deal with this at the moment.  Besides, I have a backup in place now.  I went out yesterday and bought me a sleek black MacBook.  I’m taking this on holidays so I may well be able to maintain posts in New Zealand by finding wireless internet access points.

It’s pretty cool.  I can hear the Mac faithful chanting now: “one of us, one of us…”  I haven’t gone online with the MacBook yet, once I do I’ll probably be totally hooked.  The kids already think it’s fantastic – they spend hours playing with the PhotoBooth software making funny distored pictures.

I may even experiment with the Comic Life software and do some Mr Angry comic strip blog posts.  It’s a fun little piece of software that splices images into a comic book type of template and lets you add voice ballons etc really easily.   It’s true what they say about Macs – even the stuff that is essentially toys make them seem better than Windows machines.

Anyway, for now I’m going to sign off and punch my desktop PC for a while.



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13 responses to “A noisy computer makes for an angry blog

  1. My fan on my laptop is mental half the time too. And if it doesn’t have enough breathing space, it just cuts my computer off.

    I would love a Macbook – several of my friends who have them are almost orgasmic about them.

  2. Leave your anger at home when you on that holiday!

  3. Ooh, now you’re making me want a Mac, which I’ll never be able to afford. I’m currently on my PC with an old monitor, the other one burnt out and I had to borrow one from a friend who has a spare one, it’s good I can use it but it’s big and bulky, has a small screen and it keeps flickering, sometimes really badly, it drives me crazy! And my connection is currently going really slowly… grrrr. Will the technology problems ever go away?

  4. I’ve been playing around with similar software for PCs: http://www.mycomicbookcreator.com/

    Not super impressed with it, but the results will be out this weekend.

    I also put together a perl/excel combo for cross linking comic book posts on a blog. Let me know if you’re interested in beta testing.

  5. DekLao

    guh, now I’m jealous, I don’t want a macbook because of the osx operating system (I

  6. DekLao

    What the fuck happened to my last comment? it was like 7 lines when I wrote it. Probably dialups fault.. fucking dialup

  7. tenderhoolingan: I’ll probably get obsessed with it once I’m really into it.

    tisha: good advice! I’m pre-loading angry posts (with some guests) so I don’t have to be angry on holidays.

    Michelle: tech is like that. Powered up Windows PC are still cheaper than macs but a windows laptop with comparable features is no cheaper than a macbook so i took the plunge.

    engtech: I’ll catch up with you about your beta when I’m back from holidays. Awesome start to your comic BTW

    Deklao: your dialup is sabotaging you!

  8. The comic strip Mr. Angry is where you will make your fortune! I see it in your future.

  9. Macbooks, eh? I have thought about them. I just got a new desktop in Taiwan, I like to call it my terabyte workstation since it has over a terabyte of data storage.

    I brought one of my laptops with me to Taiwan, the most recent one and the desktop replacement Compaq 17″ widescreen one. It broke down withing 2 weeks. I had it fixed, the HD was broken.

    I am considering two choices. A sleek Acer laptop, a very small one, 12″ or a Macbook. I have had my fill of desktop replacement models that you can not take anywhere. The next one will be very sleek and portable.

    You went over to the dark side? Well, any side that makes what you need to do easier is the good side. I was thinking about getting a super phone to do the blogging, I might look into a laptop that works instead.

  10. Sandra: I trust your insight!

    Range: when deciding on the laptop, work out what you want it most for. Because my main thing at the moment is video production, the Mac was a natural choice.

  11. one of us! one of us!

    I couldn’t resist.

    I’ve been using mac’s since 1994. OMG. I can’t believe that – 13 years. I have a powerbook G4 titanium that were all the rage 2 years ago. It’ll be a few more years before I upgrade again.

    Angry dude – Happy NEW Year!

  12. Yep I know. And mine for a laptop on the go is photos, videos, browsing and editing .doc documents. A Mac would do the job quite well, and the entry level one is also very affordable.

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