Angry at the airport

OK, here’s a short angry rant.  I’m waiting for my flight at Melbourne airport and I paid for some time on one of their stupid internet terminals and the fuckers have diabled the control and alt keys.  What the fuck is that about.

I tried to work around it but for some reason the ignorant pricks have disable copying and pasting between windows.  What stupid fucker thought that was a good and/or necessary idea. 

Way to go ignorant airport fuckwits.  You found ANOTHER way to piss off travellers.



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5 responses to “Angry at the airport

  1. It’s not looking good there Mr. Angry for your vacation of relaxation!

  2. Presumably because they were afraid you’d add the Delete key to work around their lame locking-down facilities.

    I’m also assuming the developers discussion went: Dev1: “Without control isn’t copy and paste difficult?”
    Cust.Rep.: “Yeah, we should disable them to stop people getting frustrated.”
    Dev1: “Yeah, I mean, how often do you cut and paste on the internet anyway?”

  3. range: it got better after the airport

    Massif: I think you’re right

  4. Jayne

    Place: Bangkok International Airport
    Scheduled Flight Departure time: 11.20pm

    So why were we still sitting there, bleary eyed, uncomfortable, and hell grouchy, at 12.45am? Because we were waiting for all the people of a certain religious faith to check all of their baggage in, that’s why! I will not name the religion in question, I will only say that the women dress like Darth Vader, and this explains the mountains of baggage, (trolleys loaded six feet high! Darth outfits clearly take up lots of suitcase space). Whilst people of every other faith, from all over the world, manage to get to the airport a couple of hours early to make sure they don’t inconvenience other passengers, these folk just assume that it’s their right to be rude, inconsiderate assholes. Either that or they’re just really stupid, (and I have to acknowledge…the Darth outfits do point my presumptions in that direction). Did the airport staff apologise for the unusually long delay? Did they make an announcement letting us know the flight would be delayed for almost two hours, (by the time we boarded), so that we could go to the bar and drown our sorrows?…..No! We got the same crap at the other end, at Brisbane Airport. Guess whose luggage all appeared on the carousel first?

  5. I dunno Jayne, that sounds more like an issue with the airport than passenger Darth. Most airports I’ve been in would have let the flight go and not let the late arrivals check in.

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