Gruntski on driving

This is a guest post from Gruntski.

In this video post, we learn that Gruntski and Mr Angry have at least one thing in common: they both hate fuckwits in traffic.


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11 responses to “Gruntski on driving

  1. Homercycles

    Yes, fucked-in-the-headedness is rather wide-spread on Australian roads. If a car can’t cope with the speed limit at a consistent rate, then it belongs the fuck in the left lane and so that normal can people get past. I feel your pain, Gruntski.

  2. Thank you. You’re a very calm, and considerate Prince Angry, Gruntski. My Swedish brain (with an East Coast American accent) couldn’t understand half of the words you said, but the rest were great – so thank you for filling the gaping void of angry management.

  3. @ Homercycles- I intend on doing some more traffic vlogs- there are a whole series of rants in the planning stage, all to do with Australian Drivers.

    @ Daniel- if you really want, I could send you the outline of the script (I only loosely stick to the script, and tend to improvise alot whilst I’m recording.

    Thanks for watching…


  4. It’s Feel free to send me anything.

  5. The overtaking lane? Interesting. We call it the passing lane because you pass them. Overtaking cars sounds industrial. 🙂

    I did enjoy the video. cheers Gruntski!

  6. @ EastVanEsica- we are schooled to use that term by the local governments/Road Traffic Authorities who put up signs saying “Overtaking lane-500m ahead” and “Keep Left unless overtaking-fine exceeds $110” (which people obviously ignore as well- I don’t know anyone who has actually been fined for not staying in the left-hand lane).

    And I am glad you enjoyed-there will be more to come, although probably on my own site)


  7. I notice the term in NZ is also “passing lane”

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  9. Sorry Mr A- I have no idea how that link got there. Honest!!!!

  10. Homercycles

    When I was in New Zealand a year ago I also noticed that you may pass/overtake any car entirely whilst remaining inside your own lane if there’s enough room for you to do so, even when there’s a double line to your right. The first time a Kiwi did that to me I thought he was being very rude, but it’s OK, apparently.

    Merging two lanes into one is a bit scarey for Australian drivers, because you’ve got the shortest possible road space in which to do it. It’s called a “zipper merge” where neither of the former left or right lanes has right of way whilst merging. You’re all supposed to play nice and get the merge over and done with in the quickest and most cordial way possible. Surprisingly, it works well.

    Some of the NZ give-way rules take some getting used to, as well. For example, if I want to turn left at an intersection, I have to give way to any car diagonally opposite me who also wishes to go the same way (from their point of view, having to turn right through passing traffic). Not so in Australia. No wonder some Kiwis were pretty angry when I assumed (falsely) the right of way.

  11. @Homercycles- it wasn’t that long ago in Victoria that those turning left (into a side street from a main road) had to give way to those turning right into the same side street (I think that’s what you mean with the diagonally opposed traffic). The Victorian Government (I think John Cain was the premier at the time) decided to bring Victoria into the same century as the rest of Australia.

    I distinctly recall some radio announcer proclaiming that the road rule transition was a huge success because there had been no fatalities as a result.

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